Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lessons of History Ignored

History, to some, is considered boring and irrelevant; not realizing that the present becomes history in just a short time. The past can be an instruction for the path to be taken presently and in the future. There are those today who view the US Constitution as out dated, while they enjoy the freedom and liberty it created and maintained during the history of the United States.
Once upon a time in the history of the world, the Celtic culture existed in a place the Romans called Britannia. They were a people who were close to nature and to the 'civilized' Roman appeared to be barbarians, that name also provided by the Romans describing the Celtic people of both Britannia and regions in Europe and Scandinavia.
The Celts, especially those in the northern most part of the great isle of Britannia, were called Picts, a name also provided by the Latin Romans. Indeed, they were so fierce and so hard to conquer and tame that the Emperor Hadrian had a great wall built to prevent them from attacking the Roman provinces and villa that had been established, an attempt to 'civilize' the region and become provinces like those across what is known today as the English Channel as far east as North Africa and the Middle Eastern region of Arabia.
The Celts gave way to Christianity, brought by Romans who were converted, and the noble and fierce culture faded into history.
Many battles and wars decided the fate of what became Great Britain, including Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Great Britain stretched itself through colonization all the way to India, whose power via its army and navy became formidable in world powers at the time; colliding with Spain, whose naval armada power had been financed through the wealth from the New World.
The Founders of the United States were educated men, who knew history and studied classical cultures using their weakness and strength to create a document called the Constitution of the United States after the British colonies of North America rebelled against tyrannical behavior of the monarch government. That alone was astonishing because like the stalwart nature of the British, Scots, Welsh and Irish – they had defied and beaten the most powerful army of the time.
Before the United States officially entered the Second World War, Great Britain stood alone against the onslaught of the might of Nazi Germany whose army grew and developed to the strength that historical events confirm. Despite the constant onslaught of air attacks, the British refused to falter. They refused to succumb to fascism and its evil intent to subjugate Britannia. Joined by many nations, all fought against the Nazi and Imperial Japanese that was more of a world war than WWI.
The concept of freedom and liberty prevailed.
Time went on, but it appeared that Europe, and later the United States, did not and has not learned lessons from history. The Cold War began with the ideology that fighting small wars will prevent a big one, another world war; especially important because of the advent of weapons of mass destruction.
Since the early 20th century, crude oil became important throughout the world with a vast supply of it in North Africa, Arabian Peninsula, and the Middle East. It made the ruling class of those regions, still living in a medieval culture with a caliphate theocratic form of government, into wealthy individuals, passed down through the generations. Europe and the United States sought a piece of that pie and abundance of crude oil.
Barack Obama and friends has decimated our national security, just as the British politically correct folks are destroying its historical society whose history is far longer than that of the United States and the New World.

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