Sunday, December 21, 2014

Why Is Despotism Still Existing in 21st Century?

Derek Hunter, Townhall
They bring down the full power of their governments against any who dare stray from the wishes of leadership. … Worse, the law in these nations is like Play-Dough, a malleable mush that can be reshaped to suit the leader’s needs at any moment. With no free and independent press to hold leaders accountable or educate the masses, most citizens remain ignorant. They have or are given enough to get by, and some nebulous “other” is blamed for their lives not being even better. History has shown us scapegoating is the despot’s best friend. Anger redirected away from a government worsening their economy and exacerbating dependence serves to solidify the concentration of power at the expense of the individual. An already powerful and intrusive government grows even larger. … The “cult of personality” is essential for any despotic regime. It is necessary to willingly absorb the will of people without them knowing it. “Good” flows from government; “fairness” can be granted by decree; “the system is rigged” to help the scapegoat of the moment. … Having a willing partner in the co-opted press means there is no one to sound the alarm when it comes to small corruptions like cronyism. Grumblings are quickly silenced, and small corruptions grow.
Is Mr. Hunter describing the despotic governments of North Korea and Cuba or elsewhere? No, he reveals, as he continues:
North Korea and Cuba have followed these steps, and the more nasty ones that follow, just as their predecessors have. And given the news this week, there’s very little to indicate, or even warrant, a change coming anytime soon. But I wasn’t thinking of North Korea or Cuba as I wrote this. While it holds true to them and every other despotic regime, both past and present, it holds true in this country and this administration as well.
On July 7, 1775, John Adams wrote his wife “…a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever. When the People once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.” … I fear we’re going to miss being one of those soon.
Those who operate our government, particularly a strong entity of politicians, blame most of everything on everything else except the root of the problem. It is not because the Constitution of the United States is outdated; it is because the Constitution has and continues to be unheeded, specifically in the sections concerning limitations of government that is clearly prescribed.It is only outdated when they cannot skewer its original intent and override its meaning. 
Throughout his tenure as President of the United States, BH Obama has defied the law and twisted its meaning, ignoring that which does not comply with his and his political entity's agenda, with the help of the media, members of Congress, justices of the US Supreme Court who do not protect constitutional law, but interpret it and mimic foreign laws; and the people for allowing the government to commandeer our educational system so new generations will grow to believe that government has the solution for everything, knowing better how to run their lives than they do.
They have been shown how wrong the socialist Keynesian philosophy of politics they follow are wrong, but continue making mistakes because they always use the same answers to the solution. For example, as Joe Biden once stated in so many words: We have to spend more money to fix the budget; alluding to the huge national debt growth. The policy is, if government runs short of funds, raise taxes and only make illusions of a budget. 
Generations of indoctrinating our youth will make what freedom and liberty is and stands for ... here is an example of how the government-controlled educational system finds it more important that students know about safe anal sex rather than knowing the tradition of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance; as the head of Obama's DHS reveals:
Ironically, a popular comedian and actor predicted that it would happen in his rendition of remembering what his teacher taught him when he was a child. ... 

For you see, the new Common Core is the forerunner of indoctrination; introducing the schematics of Islam, while denouncing and stating that prayers and something like the Pledge of Allegiance are forbidden in the educational centers of the United States. Matters of education belong to the state and local governments - not the federal central government.
Don't be sheeple ... 

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