Saturday, December 6, 2014

Invasion USA: Time to Act Was Yesterday

Stop amnesty and secure border even if we have to build a wall like in China and like the Great Wall of China, is designed to keep invaders out – not keep people in like the Berlin Wall.
President Obama is not the first to have an administration that turns its head when it comes to enforcing immigration laws and protecting our borders.
Over the decades it has become steadily worse and now the drug cartel of Mexico and Central America has spread to major cities of the United States creating a crime network that also can only get worse. In addition, it is not just Mexicans and Central Americans who cross our border uninvited, but also people from countries of Islamic Jihadists and on the federal terrorist list.
The issue does not only concern national security, as serious as it is, but also has affected our economy in terms of spending funds on invaders who do not belong here. Unemployment is still high, yet the government in Washington DC continues with its negativity toward immigration law, only concerned about politics and the bonus of using amnesty to increase their political strength through their votes.
President Obama has consistently ignored constitutional law and immigration law, and is abusing his authority of pardon to provide amnesty in a blanket process for thousands, tens of thousands, maybe millions. Oddly, he is hurting people of his own race by flooding the United States with people when there are not enough jobs for those here legally. In addition to his expensive and ridiculous Obamacare, those he provides amnesty will most likely be on some kind of welfare program – when the national debt has reached $18 trillion and climbing.
The federal government says it does not have the money for its veterans or to secure the border and other important tasks – but it has money to spend on frivolous and wasteful things, as the following video demonstrates.
The following documentary will give you an accurate portrayal of the seriousness of this issue and the importance of making the federal government start living up to their oaths of office and put legal citizens needs and welfare first. I would like to point out that in this video there is testimony of citizens and law enforcement officers who are Hispanic – but there ancestors came here legally. Also notice in this film the failure of the federal government to properly secure our border and protect border towns and ranchers; at the same time not backing the Border Patrol officers.
It is narrated by the television and film star, Nick Searcy, entitled The Border States of America. …

Our federal government is no longer a constitutional government. Our politicians are no longer statesmen, but instead political prostitutes. This issue is the fault of both sides of the political aisle, more so the so-called liberal democrats who announce themselves as 'Progressives'. Yes, they are progressing toward the destruction of the American Republic – a process they have been working on for decades beginning with the Woodrow Wilson's Federal Reserve and Income Tax (16th Amendment), FDR New Deal, and Johnson's Great Society. Now it is Obama who has commandeered one fifth of the Gross National Product (health care & health insurance) and proclaimed amnesty for criminals. He perks up when Michael Brown is shot and killed, but turns away and never speaks out when American citizens are being killed, tortured, kidnapped and raped by illegal alien criminals.
The time to act was yesterday. Only a little over 39 miles of the 700 mile security fence authorized by Congress during the Bush administration has been built.
What we really need is a 2,000 mile China Wall and instead of protecting other nations, put our troops on our southern border because if this isn't invasion I cannot imagine what they think is. 
The federal government is consistent with one thing: they do not pay attention to signs of danger and wait until the situation worsens - too preoccupied with controlling legal citizens' lives.
NOTE: Check out the article where a Black professor suggests that "White" folk commit racial suicide.