Tuesday, December 30, 2014

US Worst Enemy: Ourselves

Generally, Americans think that Christian persecution exists somewhere else. It is because the mainstream media, except for the Fox News network, is not reporting incidents occurring in the United States.
Maggie's Notebook website consistently reports Muslim persecution of Christians wherever it occurs; not just in the Islamic nations, but increasingly in America, Australia and Europe.
For example:
In the United States, in Columbus, Indiana, three churches were vandalized on the same night. The words most frequently sprayed were
“Infidels!” and “Koran 3:151.” The verse from the Koran states, “We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve [or “infidels”] for what they have associated with Allah [reference to Christian Trinity] of which He had not sent down [any] authority. And their refuge will be the Fire, and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers.”
This occurred in late August of 2014, via local media, like WTHR-Channel 13.
Fox 59 [December 9, 2014) reported that another Columbus church was vandalized, breaking windows of two church vans.
The Christian Examiner reported that Christian church vandalism did not just occur in Indiana, but in Texas, South Carolina, and Florida. [October of 2014]
Jihad Watch consistently reports news concerning activities of Islamic Jihadists, filling the gap that mainstream media chooses to ignore. Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch, a program that began via the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Spencer is an author of thirteen books that is designed to educate the public concerning the truth about Islam and its global agenda through subversion and acts of terror. Two bestsellers are: The Truth About Muhammad and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades.
Robert Spencer is also a weekly columnist for PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine.
The same people and its corresponding media insist that those against the politicization of the climate change consensus (formerly known as 'global warming') are 'deniers' are calling those raising the alarm of subversive activities and crimes against humanity 'Islamphobic'. Those people also insist, through the propaganda of the Obama administration, the mainstream media, and Progressives that Islam is a religion of peace. The Democratic Party and its media launched a campaign against techniques of US interrogation policies, like 'waterboarding'; while downplaying the horrific acts of Islamic Jihadists who torture and behead 'infidels' and who clearly intend to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews.
In the presidential campaign of 2008, Barack Hussein Obama [Barry Soetro] insisted he was not Muslim, but his foreign policies definitely point toward a conflict of interest between his job as President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of US Armed Forces when it comes to dealing with the agenda of conquest of Islamic national leadership and they myriad of terrorist organizations who wage a war of intolerance while demanding tolerance.
The Islamic State blew up a Christian church one day after Christmas Day. This is just a prelude of what will be happening here at home, United Kingdom and other nations where Western civilization exists.
Our government ignores Islamic training camps here in the United States and our leadership allows them to operate. CAIR is still operating as a legal tax exempt organization despite consistently proved to be a part of the Jihad network; and the federal administration has harassed non-profit organizations like the Tea Party, while doing nothing about CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. Both organizations have a strategic agenda for North America.
All of this clear and present danger is compounded in the fact that our federal government has failed to secure our border and stem the tide of invaders they call 'undocumented immigrants'. Indeed, new laws are in progress to benefit illegal immigrants as the New Year approaches.
Border patrol authorities report that illegal immigrants are becoming increasingly aggressive.
Meanwhile, the media paints illegal aliens as a victim and Christian churches have begun to offer sanctuary for them so they will not be deported. Despite all of this chaos, the Feds have an ongoing order to deport 900,000 'undocumented' immigrants. 
Earlier this year there were so many that crossed our southern border illegally that there was no place to detain them. Federal goverment solution: release criminal trespassing invaders to the general public. The next six months was spent sending requests for 4,100 families to appear for immigration review, a court process that turns at a slow pace and additional burden to the cost of government and taxpayer dollars. That means that 96% of those released temporarily disappeared into the United States and never showed up to the required hearings. Why should they not? They do not respect the law of immigration, why should they respect breaking any others. Those that are from Mexico have been indoctrinated by the Mexican government education system to think they have the right to cross the border because it is "stolen" real estate. The excuse of "finding a better life" is moot because they bring their attitude and loyalty to Mexico with them, as well as the cancerous system of the cartel underworld and third-world mentalities with them. 

Finding a better life means who discard the political and social system from country of origin and adopt that of the new country - not to change and corrupt the country immigrated to. When the US government continually turns its head when it comes to immigration laws - why should illegal immigrants obey them? Incentive of the Obama administration and cooperating Congress of passing a blanket amnesty is what encourages them to come as well as disappear, hide out, and wait for it to happen.

Meanwhile, voters continually appoint inept and self-interest candidates to operate our government.  The US political-social system ignores protests of taxpayers to do something, but turn an ear to the bold potential illegal aliens who openly protest in the streets instead of rounding them up and finish the required border security ordered by legislation during the Bush administration - never completed. 
It appears that the worst enemy of citizens of the United States is its own government.

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