Saturday, December 27, 2014

This Time the GOP Better Enact What They Promise

In this essay of the state of our Union, the United States, I direct you to an article written byJohn Hawkins (Townhall) who echoes what I have written from time to time: The United States, through the encouragement of its founders and what they conceived in establishing the Rule of Law in the form of the US Constitution and its guiding principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers, that We the People and its government, cannot nor should not be beholden to our tradition of tolerance when dealing with the intolerant. ...

Here’s a message that’s almost never said that our country desperately needs to hear: Americans need to be a lot less tolerant. One of the most ironclad laws of life on Planet Earth is that you get more of what you reward and less of what you punish. … Movies like the Passion of the Christ and its inferior cousin, Exodus: Gods and Kings, wouldn’t be made. There wouldn’t be anybody celebrating the military and shows like Duck Dynasty wouldn’t be allowed, but most of what we celebrate culturally these days wouldn’t need to change at all. If the whole country bought into the values being pushed by most of Hollywood, MSNBC and on Lena Dunham’s twitter account, we’d be a banana republic before Chelsea Clinton could take on Jenna Bush for the presidency in 2040. …
How many people are there who wouldn’t want their kids on drugs, who wouldn’t want anyone on drugs living in their neighborhood, who wouldn’t hire someone who regularly uses drugs – but are okay with drug legalization and are cheerleading marijuana legalization in Colorado because of tolerance? … Tolerance doesn’t have to be a synonym for stupid, but it is for too many people – and the further down the rabbit hole you go, the worse it gets. …
Americans would rather be falsely smeared as racist, have their religion insulted, have their children’s minds poisoned with garbage and see their country go down the tubes than be thought of as intolerant. We’ve become so tolerant that we’re destroying ourselves. We’ve got people openly siding against our country in wars. We’re defending traitors who publicly release our national security secrets. Protesters are walking down the street with police protection while they chant for dead cops. How about a little less tolerance and a little more common sense?
Once upon a time we knew what to do. A British district officer, coming upon a scene of suttee, was told by the locals that in Hindu culture it was the custom to cremate a widow on her husband’s funeral pyre. He replied that in British culture it was the custom to hang chaps who did that sort of thing. There are many great things about India — curry, pyjamas, sitars, software engineers — but suttee was not one of them. What a pity we’re no longer capable of being 'judgmental' and 'discriminating.'
The United Kingdom across the seas and countries in Europe like France have succumbed to the point that their tolerance of a subversive, violent, and religious fanaticism is doing what the Nazi could not do – conquest by tearing down traditions and western culture, insisting upon replacing it with caliphate theocracy with intent of global conquest in a world where nothing would be tolerated except that which is prescribed by Sharia law and the whim of the established cleric-rulers.
The United States, once a model for a constitutional republic has transgressed into a liberal democracy of which the Founders wisely denounced as the form of government not to choose, evolving into a socialist welfare state who concedes to the whims of communism in a state of nonsensical tolerance that progresses into a state of intolerance – the so-called police state.
The Democrats through its progressive corruption has evolved into a form of democratic socialism, while the Republican political entity has fouled the meaning of its name by becoming traditionally a political party that is all show and no action. Once again, Republicans have been able to be the majority in the legislative branch of the federal government. It is not because they are so much better than their political adversaries, but because the Democrats have shown how corrupted and deceitful their doctrine and membership portray.
Will the GOP establishment allow what took place in the 1990s, when they passed an opportunity for the return of constitutionalism?
Will their claim of being conservative and advocates of the rule of law be merely campaign words for the dog-and-pony show of politics or the action of constitutionalists who are true to their oaths of office and the welfare of the people of our nation?
The most famous example was when he was running against Bill Clinton in 1992. Clinton was probably the best faker of sincerity in modern American politics. Sticking with the Seinfeld theme, he followed George Costanza's dictum, "It's not a lie if you believe it." Clinton could convince himself that whatever he was saying was the truth, and that helped him sell himself as the Great Empathizer. … The low point of Mitt Romney's campaign was when he put on his analyst's hat and told an audience that 47 percent of the voters were simply a write-off because they were, in effect, moochers. … I've heard nearly every 2016 wannabe tell conservative audiences about the importance of optimism. … But stop telling me about the need for joyfulness and start showing me some frickin' joy! One of the main reasons Republicans read their stage direction, I think, is that they see politics as a game.
The GOP establishment have been losers because they choose losers as their poster candidates; who do not convey the principles of republicanism whose foundation are the articles and amendments in the Constitution of the United States.
Politics has evolved into a game, a dangerous game that has transgressed from the honor of statesmanship. The game is played fiercely as an obsession when it comes to the evolved Democrats, turning the state, the government, into an idol to be worshipped as all knowing. The same political entity who willingly went to war rather than put aside their belief that slavery was a necessary and natural thing, have found that using race baiting and encouraging the racial divide continue their plantation program in a deceitful and corrupt way to continue to subdue the descendents of slaves. The result of that political strategy is that poverty has increased rather than the promised decrease with the expansion of the authority of government; and the party who consistently cries about unfairness issues policies and laws, like the income tax system, that are consistently unfair. The Republicans claim to see through the smoke and mirrors, but merely make a feeble to correct it.
Meanwhile, generations of youth are educated in an indoctrinating system ruled by the masters of that plantation system; welcomed by people who choose to be victims instead of free and individual thinkers exercising natural law like freedom of choice. That freedom requires payment of a price, and that price is accepting the consequences of our individual choices, good or bad.
What Jonah Goldberg and a growing number of fed-up citizens are saying is that we need less talk and more action from the party whose name represents the founders' idea of a constitutional republic.
Those that have been indoctrinated in the federally controlled education system needs to re-educate themselves and use the context of the US Constitution as their guide when it comes to choosing who will represent them and operate our government for We the People.

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