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Secretary of Defense Position and Fanning the Flames of Racism

Former Deputy Secretary of Defense, Ashton B. Carver is expected to be nominated for position of Secretary of Defense. He is a physicist with alleged experience in national security issues. If confirmed he will succeed Chuck Hagel, a former Nebraska senator who is being pushed out of office by the White House after less than two years as Secretary of Defense. Hagel is a Republican. It has to do with the escalated US military actions in the Middle East. The White House spokesman declined to confirm that Carter was the president's choice, Washington Post reported. The official announcement is expected this week.
Carter is 60 years old and known for his intellect. He is a Rhodes scholar earning a doctorate in theoretical physics from Oxford University and holds degrees in physics and medieval history from Yale. He was a faculty member at Harvard for a long period of time, beginning his lectures at Stanford in the fall of 2014. He not only served as deputy chief at the Pentagon, but also its chief weapons purchaser. Carter was considered for Secretary of Defense previously but Hagel was chosen instead.
Because the progressives refuse to recognize that we are at war with Islamic Jihadists or at war at all, despite the several public declarations made by Islamic Jihad leadership - how can we possibly win? 
Ron Paul wrote:
It seems nobody wants to be Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration. The president's first two Defense Secretaries, Robert Gates and Leon Panetta, both complained bitterly this month about their time in the administration. … Last week President Obama's third Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, was forced out of office after complaining in October that the administration had no coherent policy toward Syria. He did have a point: while claiming recent US bombing in Syria is designed to degrade and destroy ISIS, many in the administration continue pushing for "regime change" against Syrian president Assad - who is also fighting ISIS. … Shortly after Chuck Hagel's ouster, the media reported that the president favored Michelle Flournoy to replace him. … Flournoy turned down Obama before she was even asked, however. She is said to be waiting for a Hillary Clinton presidency, where her militarism may be even more appreciated. With the next Senate to be led by neocons like John McCain, a Hillary Clinton presidency would find little resistance to a more militaristic foreign policy.

In an unrelated bit of news, Kevin Jackson visited Ferguson, Missouri last week and stated that George Stephanopoulos at ABC interview with Darren Wilson was “terrible journalism” and also stated that “race relations have gone in the toilet since Obama took over” with the help of Attorney General Eric Holder “and his minions”.

David Limbaugh covers the controversy of how the Obama administration did not promote unification in the United States as promised back in 2008 campaign.
I have believed for some time that the Obama administration has fanned the flames of racial tension in this country rather than attempt to extinguish them, despite its claims to the contrary. President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, in my view, have been the main culprits, which is exceedingly unfortunate, considering the opportunity their historic roles present for making great strides toward racial harmony.
Attorney General Holder, by refusing to honor the grand jury's findings and close the Department of Justice's investigation, similarly is creating the very kind of distrust that ostensibly ignited the senseless, abhorrent rioting and violence that have occurred in Ferguson.
Obama is funneling millions of federal dollars (do they actually have enough?) to initiate the video capability for officer's on their uniform – a jump start for state government and local law enforcement to initiate the program.
One question remains in my mind – if there were arrests made for arson and looting – what justice has been done. Arson is a serious federal crime with many years in prison if guilty. Under martial law, looters can be legally shot on sight of the criminal action. The military is seriously against looting – taking advantage of a situation like in Ferguson during violence and civil disturbance. People were actually filmed using shopping carts to take away looted merchandise. Were any arrested? Were they tried? The media, of course, did not dwell on such things, they were too interested in fanning the flames of racism. It takes a village to raise a looter.

After mid-term elections, House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told Politico reasons for continuing to hold office:
It's always time for fresh leadership, but my members have asked me to stay. If they want me to stay, I stay. If the don't want me to stay, I won't stay.
How profound. An insight on her intellectual capabilities with a career filled with the most ridiculous public statements (and lies) ever heard from a member of Congress. A person who stated she did not know who Jonathan Gruber is after being a principle member of Congress to push Obamacare. Even a fellow Democrat Congresswoman stated that Pelosi should “turn the reins over”. 

The United States is not only weak in foreign affairs, but over the decades, which includes the Bush administrations, the weak approach to Mexico's attitude toward illegal immigration and the growth of the Mexican drug cartel points to a clear case of invasion - not just illegal immigration activities. The so-called Homeland Security has released people who should have been deported, especially in the case that was focused upon in a recent congressional hearing concerning President Obama's policy of bypassing Congress and abusing his executive powers and boldly pointing out publicly that he is "changing immigration law". 
Watch how Josh Earnest back pedals and awkwardly tries to smooth over the speech President Obama made in Chicago (that has become the central point of socialism and communism) recently concerning his unconstitutional actions concerning illegal immigrants. 
 Here is what Obama said in Chicago:
The series of scandals that has permeated the Obama administration still has seen no justice; indeed, the most serious one involving the death of four Americans in Benghazi still drags on with no accountability of the president or his former Secretary of State. Eric Holder will be leaving the administration without answering to his part in several acts of unethical actions, particularly his "Fast-N-Furious" scandalous operation that also cost a border security officer's life and others in the United States and across the border. It is because to point out indiscretions and unethical behavior is to be a racist - no one pointing to the fact that many of the heads of those organizations that are under scrutiny for scandals are not "white". Racism is not a one-way street.

Walter Williams has the 'prescription' for the woes of African Americans (Negroes) who insist upon being described as 'Blacks', the continuance of distinction of racial skin pigmentation (and selective clothing and genre of music) in identification as members of society instead of just Americans with darker skin pigmentation than most Americans. A minority that once sought integration and now insists upon segregation in an egotistical manner that weighs heavily upon the idea of victimization which actually hinders their success in the world of opportunity through education and self discipline. 
Very often, major problems are erroneously seen as being caused by racial discrimination. No one argues that racial discrimination does not exist or does not have effects. The question that's relevant to policy, as well as resource allocation, is: How much of what we see is caused by discrimination?
... Let's apply this question to the tragic state of black education. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, sometimes called the nation's report card, the average black 12th-grader has the academic achievement level of the average white seventh- or eighth-grader. In some cities, there's even a larger achievement gap. ...
If the cause of the black/white achievement gap has little to do with racial discrimination, then focusing on discrimination will lead us to ignore or downplay factors that do affect black education. In some school districts, 700 teachers are annually assaulted and threatened. At one time, Philadelphia employed 500 school police officers. Similar stories of school violence can be told in other cities with large black populations, such as Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, Oakland, California, and Newark, New Jersey. How useful is it to spend resources on discrimination while allowing unsafe and chaotic educational environments to exist?  ... Spending more money on education is not a substitute. If it were, black academic achievement wouldn't be a problem. ...
For black politicians, civil rights leaders, the intellectual elite and others to blame racial discrimination for the problems of today is dereliction. If a medical practitioner made the same kind of incorrect diagnosis, we'd indict him for malpractice.
Walter Williams grew up in a time when there was truly racial discrimination, but despite that he became a successful economist and professor, earned a doctorate, and writes intellectual articles and makes speeches on behalf of ridding the American political climate of progressive socialism whose major plank in their political platform is what Julius Caesar used to win: divide and conquer

When you check out Walter Williams' article, also see the video concerning sex education for kindergarten children in Chicago. No wonder schools don't have money for academic curriculum.
Dr. Ben Carson discusses how African Americans are manipulated. Derek Hunter points out about the willfully ignorant when it comes to the facts surrounding the Michael Brown death. Frankly, I am sick of hearing about it. Michael Brown caused his own death and his family have police records - so what could one expect? It is time for people to take responsibility and raise their children to be good and responsible citizens, who favor education and seek rewarding careers other than the local hood and/or member of the local street gang - not like Michael Brown.

It is time long past due for the United States to denounce the United Nations assembly and give them thirty-day notice to move its headquarters - probably where the Muslims will not have to travel so far. Robert Spencer points out how the UN is calling for Israel to disarm its nuclear capabilities, while Iran, who continues their WMD arsenal is calling for the total destruction of Israel.  Imagine how many billions of dollars can be shaved off the $18 trillion dollar national debt if we quit funding the irresponsible and inept United Nations.

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