Thursday, December 4, 2014

Time To Start Sending Qualified Ambassadors

Forty-one percent of those chosen by President Obama have no qualifications of being ambassadors, representatives of the United States to foreign nations, other than being big spending supporters and political cronies, as NBC News points out:
And as Keith Koffler pointed out at White House Dossier:
President Obama, the apostle of Hope and Change is the worst offender when it comes to giving political cronies ambassadorships, notes Andrea Mitchell. Yes, Andrea Mitchell. This piece leaves out Noah Mamet, a Democratic political consultant and fundraiser who was chosen as ambassador to Argentina despite not only never having been there, but not speaking Spanish. No one else could do this job? Argentina is not a small nation. Are we really lacking in this country for people who speak Spanish? 
Of course, after leaving Ambassador Stevens high-and-dry in Benghazi - who would want to be President Obama's ambassador? A matter that Congress has not fully addressed, investigated, or pursued justice since September 11, 2012.
Frankly, President Obama is not the first to appoint ambassadors just for their qualifications, but for their political loyalty.  It is just that Obama has the highest record of any president appointing incompetent people in his administration.
No matter who is president, ambassadors play an important role in representation of the United States that include diplomatic and national security issues. Hopefully they have undergone the proper security clearance background check.

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