Friday, December 12, 2014

Election 2014 Was a Wave Election: Will It Do the Job for True Reform?

In a term used in political science, the 2014 mid-term election was a Wave Election. It is when one political entity makes a major gain in the House and Senate. It is a phenomenon that not only occurs in the United States but places like India where a parliamentary system and one political party makes a major gain as the majority.
News pundits, like Chuck Todd, the NBC News political director and moderator for Meet the Press at NBC apparently fell asleep during that session of class. In his biography he is credited with attending George Washington University from 1990 to 1994 on a music scholarship playing the French horn, but his minor was music and his major was political science. He did not get his degree.
On election night (11/04/2014) he claimed that the mid-term election of 2014 was not a wave election:
What I would say is that everybody is holding serve. OK? It's a good Republican night, but it's not a wave.
About thirty minutes later, Todd is quoted saying:
I think we're bordering on calling this a wave election. You have an historic number in the House of Representatives.
The House already had a majority of Republicans, Todd. It was winning the majority of the Senate that made the 2014 election a 'wave election'.
Heritage Foundation president provided a video:
Larry P. Arnn is the 12th president of the Hillsdale College, one of the prestigious higher education institutions in the United States that has not been taken over by the logic haters that have permeated our educational institutions with political correctness and progressive socialism through cultural Marxism.
He also wrote an article in Imprimis concerning the recent wave election, of which I excerpt here:
There was a wave in favor of the Republicans in 1980 and again in 1994. There was a wave in favor of the Democrats in 2006 and again in 2008. There was a wave for the Republicans in 2010. There was a stalemate in 2012. Now there is a Republican wave in 2014. Looked at one way, these waves appear more like tides, ebbing and flowing. These waves have something to do with a change in opinion over the last 50 years. Increasingly large majorities of the people consistently profess themselves afraid of their government. They think that it does not account to them – that is beyond their control and does not operate with their consent.
How often have you heard President Obama say that what he is doing is the 'will of the people' or it is what the 'majority wants'. He says he is listening, but he is not because the reality is that the majority has been against most of his policies and mandates, especially those he did through bypassing Congress.
...At all levels, government consumes something close to 40 percent of the economy, not even counting regulatory costs, which are nearly $2 trillion. … For Progressives, we discover the real truth about these matters by a certain kind of scientific inquiry, an inquiry into history. … Since the wave election last month, we have been treated to videos of Professor John Gruber, an MIT social scientist. He has been dining out since 2010 on his experience as one of the “architects of Obamacare”. He was paid, at last count, $400,000 by the federal government, and something over $1.5 million by several state governments in aggregate practice to practice his architecture. Now he is on video telling his story. The architects of Obamacare figured out that if they described the health care law as it was, the American people would not go for it. They are “stupid” …
Maybe that is why Nancy Pelosi stated that the bill should be passed and then read it afterwards
Now Gruber has gone before a congressional committee and backtracking what he said, quoted and on video, and making a feeble apology for what he said. Why the turn around? Did the goons of the Obama administration make him turn around on what he stated and continually say, “I don't recall”? If he did not participate in the writing of Affordable Care Act, what was he paid for?
Dr. Arnn gave a speech at the Heritage Foundation concerning America's first principles last year:

The late Andrew Breitbart ...

Breitbart lives on on the Internet.

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