Sunday, December 14, 2014

In the News: December 2014

In recent news about the Democrat-led onslaught against the CIA for alleged practice of torturing terrorists, the Obama White House press conference was asked why it was acceptable to kill people with drones, but “slapping Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is bad”. The Senate report had suggested that the CIA had lied about their “harsh CIA interrogations”. The Senate investigation has been ongoing for five years. The CIA has tried to discredit the Senate investigation. The interrogation procedures were enacted after the 9-11 attacks. In the Senate report it states that the CIA misled Congress. Meanwhile, Obama continues using drones with the blessing of Congress.

The House of Representatives barely approved the $1.1 trillion government spending bill in a 219-206 vote. In a surprising public statement that rebukes President Obama, Nancy Pelosi stated she was “enormously disappointed” that the president had decided to embrace legislation that she described as an attempt at blackmail by Republicans. After protest from some senators led by Ted Cruz, the Senate went ahead and passed Obama's $1 trillion spending bill. Will the US government now make that amount (or more) an annual expense? It passed with a 56-40 vote after overruling an objection by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Ted Cruz and other senators pushed for an amendment to cut off funds to the Department of Homeland Security for carrying out President Obama's unconstitutional executive action concerning deportations. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, blocked the measure. Spearheading the investigation is Intelligence Committee chairwoman, Senator Dianne Feinstein, infamous for her attempt to pass draconian firearm ban legislation.

Meanwhile, United Kingdom soldiers have been told not to wear their uniform in public, off-duty for fear of jihad attack. Muslim immigrants in the United Kingdom has progressively subverted government and social circles in an attempt for the UK to embrace Sharia Law. The warning to British troops comes after Michael Abedolajo and Michael Adebowale were found guilty of murdering soldier Lee Rigby. Western civilization in Europe is threatened by Islamic medieval theocracy, something that the Catholic Church reformed ages ago, in England, Denmark, France, Belgium, and Sweden. Those who side with the Islamic Caliphate movement point to the 'dark ages' of the Christian church using the Inquisition and other examples; but fail to recognize that the church has reformed long ago.
There are people who say this cannot happen to the United States, but real life events prove otherwise and politicians like Joe Biden help the movement (and protect Jihadists) on its steady course of subversion and agenda of global Islamic theocracy. Biden told human rights activist, an ex-Muslim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali that “ISIS had nothing to do with Islam”. Biden attempted to give Hirsi Ali a lesson about the alleged 'Religion of Peace':
Let me tell you one or two things about Islam
Biden was addressing a former Muslim whose life experience tells the real story.
American youth is being recruited into the ranks of Islamic Jihadists, as one example occurring in Colorado, a state that has had a rash of violent Islamic doctrine motivated incidents. They have turned against their country that offers liberties unimaginable in an Islamic Caliphate society and theocratic state. It is perplexing that Americans would buy the propaganda. It is understandable that anti-society people in prisons can be recruited that justifies their violent nature through a religion – but in mainstream America? Government control of the educational system is a prime suspect and the corruption within American society itself – created by political 'Progressives'. 

Recently, an Islamic convert stabbed a police officer after telling his family he was going out and not coming back. In the past year, the news is sprinkled with cases of American youth trying to join the Islamic State. The Islamic State recently released a pamphlet stating that it was acceptable to sexually assault and enslave infidel women.
Traditionally it is sanctioned to rape captive women, Qur'an 23:1-6:
Certainly will the believers have succeeded: They who are during their prayer humbly submissive, and they who turn away from ill speech, and they who are observant of zakah, and they who guard their private parts except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed.

Russia has been charged for violating a 1987 nuclear treaty with the new Russian cruise missile, and the Pentagon is considering responding by re-deploying nuclear cruise missiles in Europe.

China made a third flight test of a new hypersonic strike missile that can penetrate US strategic missile defenses. As of July of 2014, the United States is in debt to China in the amount of $1.25 trillion in treasury notes. [See: Who Owns the US National Debt]
China owns about 21% of the total $5.9 trillion held by foreign countries. The rest of the more than $17 trillion debt is owned by either the American people, or by the U.S. government itself.

Meanwhile, communism works in the background in the United States: 'New' Black Panther Party allegedly plotted to bomb the St. Louis Gateway Arch, but the Obama Justice Department has limited its prosecution of the group to an indictment of two members on minor gun charges.

Maybe the surveillance of the CIA concerning the Obama administration sanctioned arms shipment from Libya to Syrian rebels during the time of the 2012 attack of the Benghazi US facility. The Senate has focused upon investigation of the CIA, but has completely ignored how President Obama and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton did not prevent or provide assistance to the plea of help coming from Ambassador Stevens and company.

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