Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Your Federal Government: Lies, Denial and Wasting Your Tax Dollars

One of the reasons why Islamic Jihadists have become so dangerous is the denial of “infidels” that they intend to dominate the globe with their medieval caliphate Sharia laws through a path of murder, mayhem, and deception.
Our central government is guilty of that public deception, headed by a man with an Islamic name whose associates that supported him in the climb of the political ladder are criminals and Islamic Jihad operatives that the majority of American voters put and kept in the executive office of our central government.
Barack Hussein Obama, one of the names he used during his life, has been caught in yet another lie, as if those of us who see things in reality did not already know.
The Fort Hood murderer, Nidal Hasan, guilty of murdering 13 people on a military installation that he was assigned to as, ironically an officer of the US Army and US Army psychiatrist and the wounding of 30 other people in 2009 admitted his effort was Islamic terrorism in a six=page letter to Pope Francis. This throws out the claim by Obama and his administration that the Fort Hood slaughter was considered “workplace violence”. Just as the claim that four Americans died at Benghazi because of a video published on the Internet.
The information came to the forefront on The Kelly File, who interviewed Hassan's current attorney, John Galligan, who stated he doesn't understand where the classification of “work-place violence” comes from in this case. …
I don't know where they come up with the term 'work place violence'. I've been in the Army 30 years, I've been in the practice of law for almost 35 years, work place violence was not the crime for which he was charged, it is not a punishable offense under the UCMJ and it's certainly not an aggravating factor that would warrant the death penalty. Nidal Hassan was charged with mass murder.
Because of Obama's statement and official stance upon the matter, the victims were neglected, just like many veterans of the US Armed Forces have been throughout his administration.

One thing consistence with the Obama administration: continual lies and denial by those who work within the executive branch.
Was the beheading of an Oklahoma woman an act of Islamic Jihad terrorism or was it “work-place violence”?
I wonder how those in denial would be a victim would then look upon this dilemma.
Track record of the US military carrying out the death sentence is bleak.
The administration figures out ways how not to support veterans while sending millions and billions of dollars in support of other people in other countries, to include the infamous Muslim Brotherhood, as well as ridiculous scientific and technical funding for things like transsexuals.
Veterans are homeless and cheated out of benefits, thanks to the US Congress and uncaring executive office and its agencies, while taxpayer dollars are wasted ...

This problem is not just indicative of the Obama administration – it has been going on for several decades thanks to presidents and members of US Congress. This is not what was envisioned when the Founders wanted government to promote science and technology to make the United States better and opportunities for enlightened minds.
As you can see, our central, federal government requires a thorough work over, true reformation, regardless of what political club they belong to.
The key for the reformation taking place is YOU, the citizens and their voting responsibilities.
Voters can blame politicians constantly, but it citizens who put them in office – by either not voting responsibly or not voting at all (or cheating).
Voting is not just a right, it is a duty for all legal, lawful citizens. Stop paying attention to the talking heads of the media and start using common sense and objective research.
Stop being loyal to a political club – it is the individuals of those political organizations that will be operating our government.
Part of this major reformation is our education system - important to any civilization. Cato Institute reveals how the First Amendment is not honored by colleges and universities. ...

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