Thursday, October 30, 2014

Obama Pep Rally for Mary Burke Not As Planned - Mary Burke Not What She Says She Is

Just as the crowd did in Maryland, Obama's visit and support for Mary Burke running against incumbent Governor Scott Walker (whose record speaks for itself) - people got up and left before he was finished with his Democrat pep-talk speech. Burke has adopted the Obama political ideology and typically does not change her policies according to the situations and her personal-professional background, like Obama's is wanting.
An important element in Wisconsin is jobs, which Walker has been providing an atmosphere to keep business thriving and people employed; Burke has failed.
For voters this November and every future election - it is as Mark Alexander says: "Another Time For Choosing".

Mary Burke has spouted her business savvy and experience as part of her credentials to replace Governor Scott Walker. Here is the real story that Matt Vespa reported: [original report by Politico] ...
The 55-year-old Burke could hardly be more different than Walker. She’s a Harvard-educated multimillionaire who rarely goes to church; he’s a middle-class son of a preacher who is just now trying to complete his college degree. She’s spent her career in the family business and philanthropy; he’s been in government for two decades. She’s spent much of her campaign trying to win over progressives wary of her background in finance; he became a conservative icon after beating back the unions in an epic clash two years ago. ... Burke is pitching herself as a nonideological antidote to the rancor and polarization of the Walker years. She introduces herself as “a fiscal conservative” and promises to work with the Republican-controlled Legislature. Though she talks around it on the trail, she would not, for instance, work to fully repeal the union-weakening law that has defined Walker’s tenure. 

There’s only one problem: her own family reportedly fired her for incompetence.
Burke’s family co-founded the Trek Bicycle Corporation, with Mary becoming their director for European Operations. Let’s just say it was sort of a disaster. She was called “Attila the Hun” and a “pit bull on crack” (via Watchdog). The European operations were in disarray, [Gary] Ellerman[ Trek’s human resources for 21 years] said. Full disclosure: Ellerman is chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party. As to the possibility that his accounts are politically colored, Ellerman said, “I was there. This is what went down.”
A former employee with the company told Wisconsin Reporter that John Burke, Mary’s brother and current Trek president, had to let his sister go. In her campaign against Republican incumbent Gov. Scott Walker, Mary Burke has bragged that European sales climbed to $50 million on her watch. ...
Ellerman and the other employees tell Wisconsin Reporter that Burke’s sales boasts are lies, that the European division did significantly lower numbers — at least $10 million lower — during her tenure as director. Most of the sales increases, they said, were in Trek’s United Kingdom market, which was well established before Burke arrived, and in the Japan operations, which Burke had nothing to do with. Any growth in sales was well offset by the losses sustained in Germany and other European countries, according to the former executives. 
When asked to apologize to staff before her departure from the company in 1993, Mary Burke struggled and stammered through the apology much as she appears to do in a video clip of the gubernatorial candidate trying to define the word “plagiarism,” according to one former Trek employee. The Democrat has been dogged throughout her campaign by revelations she lifted large sections of her policy plans from other sources.
Lies is what you can expect from Mary Burke. Scott Walker's resume and political record as governor speaks for itself.

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