Tuesday, October 21, 2014

McDonald's Corporation Loses Profits Down 30%

McDonald's Corporation (MCD) reported a 30% fall in the quarterly profit they contribute to a food scandal in China via a meat supplier, as well as competition in the United States.
But could it be that the consumer is moving away from fast foods to more healthy eating?
One would hope so.
This revelation is testament that draconian government regulations and intrusion upon freedom of choice is not required; the public, society can make changes and at the same time ensure that the change is actually the will of the People. That does not include common sense government regulations pertaining to the quality of food and its supplier-food industry sanitary conditions and standards. Those regulations must be in effect, but it must also be strictly enforced. I am referring to nonsensical regulations that is just an instrument of political tyranny and its implementation of control of the populace.
It is for the same reason that government censorship is not required because it is society's task by enforcing their consumer power.
This is an example of how mainstream media can finally be reformed from being bias and a mouthpiece for totalitarian government, instead of what it should be: eyes and ears of the people.
The media relies upon revenue to operate. If the people and those that sponsor that media would take a stand and demand accurate and objective reporting, a media source that informs the public instead of instituting a platform of indoctrination and propaganda – the loss in revenue would force mainstream media to reform or fail.
The power of the people is paramount and that power is utilized by voting and consumer activities.
Jesse Jackson and others, and their organizations have made it a life-long career to blackmail and racketeer corporations using the race-baiting ploy to make businesses bend at his will and even collect funding in the process. If businesses would stand up against such ploys and practices, like the general, majority public – things would work better in the United States.
Customers are choosing chains like Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) over McDonald's (and fast food chains like it) because they want healthier food options.
McDonald's, San Jose, California, 1950s
It is true that the food scandal in China has provided the historical fast food Golden Arch chain bad publicity, shutting down operations in Russia as well; but this principle could be applied by the public in other areas where government either unlawfully intervenes or ignores the problem.
In Russia, the shutdowns were enacted when there was allegations of sanitary violations. The Chinese McDonald's sales plunged because of a supplier scandal in the quality of the meat it uses for its food products. Workers have been caught using expired meat products on video. It is estimated that 3,000 cases of contaminated beef cases have been sold. The supplier is Shanghai Husi Food, which also supplies Starbucks, Papa John's, Yum Brands, and Burger King in several cities of China. Yum Brands has discontinued its operation with the supplier, but not until after business was hurt.
In 2013, net revenues totaled to $28 billion for McDonald's Corp., and 23% of that revenue was from Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. In the 2013 annual report, China, Australia, and Japan collectively account for 54% of total revenues. China and Japan together accounted for 10.5% of net revenues for 2013.
The food scandal also prompted a lay off of 340 Shanghai Husi Plant employees.
The following video is a guide to healthy meal preparations. ...

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