Monday, October 13, 2014

Is Mainstream Media Waking Up?

Could it be that mainstream press finally realize (or admit) that Obama is as incompetent in dealing with national security and foreign crisis?
Susan Page is a Washington Bureau Chief reporter for USA Today, her reputation being the “dean of the Washington press corps, says - 
...Ebola, ISIS and even the Secret Service scandal are contributing to a sense among the American people that the Obama administration is “not competent” to protect them.
It all lies under the umbrella that Obama created, putting political cronies and other associates in key positions instead of choosing his Cabinet and department heads according to their record and their abilities.
Ms. Page on Face the Nation:
I think that’s a very dangerous thing for President Obama, the sense that his administration is not competent to protect the American people. That is the most fundamental job of an American president.
She also stated that the unease could hurt Democrats in the midterm congressional elections.
As Keith Koffler puts it:
Well, it’s nice to see top mainstream reporters recognizing what you and I have known for years: That America elected a president who had to learn on the job, and that it’s not clear he’s learned very much.
If any Obama voter in 2012 had stood back and had taken an objective look at Obama and company's record and scrutinize the Benghazi tragedy scandal (even without examining his mysterious past) – he would never had another term and the US would be a better place – even with Mitt Romney as president.
Regardless, we are stuck with this class clown and his minion until 2016. Will American voters perform their duty in a responsible manner at the voting polls?
Have they learned that a community organizer whose mentors have been members of socialist and communist organizations are not the kind of leadership our nation requires?
The real question is that whoever is elected – will they start steering the United States back to being a constitutional republic with a limited central government?
Will the damage done concerning foreign affairs be repaired?
We can only hope.

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