Friday, October 3, 2014

Leon Panetta: Obama to Blame for Growth and Success of ISIS

Leon Panetta is a member of the Democratic Party, but still has come out and stated that Obama blamed the Iraq situation on others, instead of accepting the responsibility of his decisions. Indeed, the following video shows that Obama had used the subject in his campaign for reelection, stating that which he has since denied. This and other factors revealing that BH Obama should not have been reelected - still the majority of voters allowed him to remain to continue his self destruction and further weakening the world position of the United States and its interests. In a recent book, Worthy Fights, Panetta blows the whistle about Obama's bungling foreign policy.

While Obama can certainly be chastised for his actions and inactions, ultimately it is the American voters who are the gist of the problem - voting on populism, political party loyalty, and ignoring facts concerning scandals occurring in his first term, even before the election in September of 2012, when facts revealed that Americans died in Benghazi because of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State and President BH Obama. From his campaign in 2008 and throughout his terms as President of the United States and commander-in-chief, BH Obama has blamed everyone and everything but himself; and also failed to exercise justice and accountability of people within his administration, like Eric Holder. Resignation or not, Mr. Holder should still be held accountable for his wrongful acts. To give you a snapshot of Obama's egotism, when he does do something right - he claims "I" did it, instead of "we", including those in his administration responsible, for example, the death of Osama bin Laden.

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