Thursday, October 9, 2014

CBS: Holding Back Negative Stories in Mid-Term Elections

Katie Couric & Charlie Rose
It still astounds me how Democrats portray their worst character and hypocritical political actions when it comes to election time …
Does anyone remember how GW Bush was so often described as being similar to Hitler and the Brown Shirts? Accused him of genocide? And other vile things? He was still in office. Indeed, the leftist spin began in the first week he took office. Of course, the person was talking about the Leon Panetta criticism of President Obama's horrible foreign policy and national security track record. Panetta is not the only former aide to President Obama who has made criticism public.
To a Democrat, ethnic and constitutional rules only apply to Republicans (or Independent) candidates and elected officials.
Yes, there are problems with the GOP, especially their leadership, but certainly does not hold a candle to the scandalous political entity that the Democratic Party has portrayed, increasingly corrupt and embedded with socialist political philosophy. The major problem with the majority of Republicans is they do not seem to have the intestinal fortitude to make major renovations and reform of government that has steadily progressed from the constitutional republic it was meant to be – a limited government. The Tea Party movement has attracted folks who are earnestly seek public office to make those necessary changes; but the GOP leadership echoed the Democratic Party propaganda and pegged them as 'radical'. Imagine, constitutionalists being called 'radical”. The GOP leadership even blamed the Tea Party for their loss of the 2008 presidential election, but in reality it was their choice to push their poster boy, Mitt Romney; who is not a bad or corrupt person, just indecisive when it decisiveness counts the most – guilty of trying to please everyone instead of just sticking to principals of the Constitution. GOP leadership and RINOs are the problems with the Republican Party.
Just as other election periods, CBS (and other media) made no mention of the results from the latest CBS News poll that gave Obama poor marks in performance on issues ranging from economy to dealing with ISIS and other Jihadist organizations. In fact the polls reveal that Democrats in general are not getting high marks in job performance. Since this could further hurt the chances of election and reelection of Democrats – polls that show negativity are avoided at election time.
It is what the media, formerly known as the 'press' in the Constitution, has become: voice of the government and not the eyes and ears of the people. CBS just joins the hypocrisy and prejudice of mainstream media when it buries anything that will make Democrats look bad.
One would think that with Obama's poor background in matters concerning government and operating large operations he would have listened to sound advice given him by his ex-Cabinet members. They have begun to reveal just how much Obama ignored and/or refused to listen to.
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2014 an important election year - get out and vote, clean out Congress of socialism and RINOs.

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