Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Occupy Wall Street Joe and Robert Biden: Just Follow the Connecting Dots

Occupier of Wall Street
Vice President Joe Biden is a mirror of hypocrisy, like his counterpart in the White House. Robert Hunter Biden is his son, who made the news last week, following the footsteps of his father who is known to find his way to trouble and make an ass of himself.
Robert Hunter Biden made it in the news, including a Wall Street Journal report concerning his General Discharge from the US Navy Reserve in February of 2014. Reason: tested positive for cocaine use in June of 2013.
Robert, when not doing illegal drugs, is an attorney who is a managing partner in the investment firm of Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC – you know, the type of company that the Wall Street protestors (Occupy Wall Street) demonstrated against, sponsored by the democratic-socialists of America and their respective labor unions. George Soros, billionaire, indirectly funded the socialist movement through his organizations amounting to $3.6 million. The media, of course, either ignored or smoothed over the connection. Former ACORN officials were also involved.
Despite proof he uses an illegal drug, he a member of the bar in District of Columbia, Connecticut, US Supreme Court, and US Court of Federal Claims. All because his daddy is a vice president and Democratic big-wig (and big mouth).
As Michelle Malkin wrote
Papa Biden loves to tout his middle-class, "Average Joe" credentials. But rest assured, if his son had been "Hunter Smith" or "Hunter Jones" or "Hunter Brown," the Navy's extraordinary dispensations would be all but unattainable. … Despite the disgraceful ejection from our military, Hunter's Connecticut law license won't be subject to automatic review. Because, well, Biden. … Hunter's first job, acquired after Joe Biden won his 1996 Senate re-election bid in Delaware, was with MBNA. That's the credit card conglomerate and top campaign finance donor that forked over nearly $63,000 in bundled primary and general contributions from its employees to then Sen. Biden. As I've reported previously, Daddy Biden secured his custom-built, multimillion-dollar house in Delaware's ritziest Chateau Country neighborhood with the help of a leading MBNA corporate executive. Average Joe went on to carry legislative water for MBNA in the Senate for years. … Hunter joined Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings -- owned by a powerful Russian government sympathizer who fled to Russia in February -- this spring. The hypocritical lobbyist-bashers at the White House deny he will be lobbying and deny any conflict of interest.
Last week, Joe Biden continued his 'hate-the-wealthy' socialist rhetoric …
"Corporate profits have soared," he railed, thanks to "these guys running hedge funds in New York," who are to blame for "income inequality." You know, like his son and brother and their Beltway back-scratching patrons.
If more voters would connect-the-dots and pay attention to personal background and political record – we would not have to put up with flim-flam persons like Joe Biden.
Also, check out the article by Jonah Goldberg
In a 15-year study, researchers found that the ecosystems that build up around artificial rigs host 1,000 percent more fish and other sea life than natural habitats such as reefs and estuaries. The California rigs outstripped even famously rich ecosystems such as the coral reefs of French Polynesia.
Once again the Eco-terrorists and junk political scientists have been shown the dunces for what they are. Just like the whining about the Alaskan pipeline, which proved to be beneficial to the caribou population, as well as moose; providing shelter during those harsh winters. The pipeline did not reduce the caribou population at all.
The same goes for the story about the polar bears. Despite a photo taken by a free-lance photographer depicting a polar bear on an ice flow used as propaganda for the plight of the polar bear due to 'warming' of the northern regions of the globe – which proved false by the person who took the photo. She was upset that her photograph would be used for political and junk science propaganda. Of course, the climate mongers continue their rave, totally ignoring the centuries and millenarian of weather and climate changes during the course of Earth's natural history. The socialist ruling elite are so full of themselves and their pushing for state control, they actually want people to believe they can alter climate and weather at their biding.
As Goldberg wrote
The environmental jihad against oil predates hysteria about global warming by decades. Oil was an enemy back when people were still fretting over the looming ice age. Indeed, many say it began with the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969. I don't know if the oil rigs off the Santa Barbara coast today have saved any endangered species, but I do know that the wind and solar farms of the California desert are killing and threatening birds -- including endangered ones -- at an alarming rate (and not just birds). Not even the Endangered Species Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act can stand in the way of the obsession with climate change.

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