Friday, October 31, 2014

Time For Choosing Is Upon US Again

Israel withdrew from Southern Lebanon for the sake of peace.
The Hezbollah moved in with 50,000 rockets.
Israel withdrew from Gaza for the sake of peace.
Hamas kicked the PLO out of that region and even invaded the home of the PLO boss, Yasser Arafat. The Hamas also took over the rockets there and brought in more; sending rockets into Israel hitting schools, hospitals, and homes in Southern Israel. They also dug tunnels large enough to move trucks through.
The Obama administration provides ($500 million per year) to those that never keep promises, who are ceded territory by Israel in gesture to have peace; but instead rockets still burst into the Jewish nation surrounded by Muslims whose intentions is far from peace.
President Obama sides with Mahmoud Abbas, who stated that territories that Israel ceded to Muslims will be Jew free, what the Nazi called Judenrein.
During all these insulting actions and policies, the Obama administration has delivered praise to the harbinger of death and violence in Palestine depicting them as victims; while the true victim Israel is heaped with criticism and disrespect towards Israel's president.
As Egypt's Nasser stated in 1967 about Jews and the consequential Six-Day War: Jews should be pursued into the sea. After the victory of Israel in that war, did Israel drive Egyptians into the sea and demand that Muslims leave their homes? No.
President Obama has ignored the plight of Israel, insulting them verbally and with poor diplomacy, all the while funding its enemies. He turns deaf ears to the 'Jewish problem' like FDR did when presented with testimony and facts concerning the death camps of Nazi Germany – even turning away a boatload of Jewish refugees escaping Germany, leaving the captain no choice but to return to Germany with the Jews aboard who all perished in the infamous camps.
Democrats constantly use the race baiting technique, especially during election periods; but the history of that party is checkered with worse actions than they accuse their political opponents of doing. It was Democrats who perpetuated slavery which resulted in a civil war; and after that conflict ended, slaves were freed only to fall under the thumb of the 'Southern Democrats' and northern 'Carpetbaggers'. It is true that President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, but he did so only under pressure of the conservative Americans pushing for it - voters.
Today, Democrats accuse their political counterparts of being women haters because they are against government tax-funded abortion clinics that has become notorious infanticide centers as any concentration camp in the 1940s.
It is time for reformation, a time long past due. Make this election year and every election after stand out – demanding that constitutional law be reinstated and liberties like property rights, free speech, and the right to defend self, family, home and neighborhood be returned in all 50 states of the Union. It is time to demand that income tax via the 16th Amendment be repealed and buried once and for all, replaced with a flat consumption tax that can only be raised (or lowered) by two-thirds majority vote in Congress. It is time that the US Supreme Court justices do what they are there for: ensure that state governments follow constitutional law – like the Second Amendment. It is time to remove private labor parasites from the government employment infrastructure, for Congress has the authority of that – not labor unions. It is time to dissolve the Federal Reserve or at least remove its fangs and demand oversight. That corrupt entity was instituted the same time the government decided to tax directly from everyone's income. Congress is responsible for government funding and the currency, not the board members of the Federal Reserve, who when asked who was in charge in a congressional hearing the Federal Reserve official stated he did not know.
As Ken Blackwell wrote:
That’s why there is a crisis. It is not a crisis between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu. It is not a crisis between the U.S. and Israel. It is a crisis between the American people and the unserious policies of this administration.
Foreign policy crisis, national security crisis, and economic crisis. Obama and his progressives all promised to fix what they blamed Bush for (part of which is true).
Make a personal oath that you will no longer vote for Democrat or Republican or progressives and moderates; but instead statesmen and stateswomen, in the spirit of those founders of our nation, to vote for only those who have a history of personal good character and standing by the US Constitution, the law of the land; abiding by their oaths of office.
Mid-term elections are days away. It is time that citizens of America perform their dutiful tasks to protect the Constitution and fight corruption and unethical behavior at the seat of the federal government and limit its power as the Founders intended.
Let's get rid of politics-as-usual in Washington, DC as well as state/local governments.

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