Friday, October 17, 2014

Responsible Journalism: Something That Has Become a Rare Phenomenon

In the News
MSNBC Daily Rundown host Craig Melvin condemned such criticism as "the politics of fear" and "irresponsible."
The absurd claim that only Republicans are to blame for cuts to Ebola research....For fiscal year 2015, the documents show, it was the Obama White House that proposed to cut the NIH’s budget from the previous year.
How many times has the Democrats told voters that they will lose their social security if they vote for a Republican?
Mainstream media has shown one-sided reporting – holding back on anything negative concerning Democrats.

Steve Chapman, Townhall, joins those who think that there is Inflated Fears of Ebola and Terrorism … apparently he has no access to information otherwise or just did not look. Inflated fears of terrorism? What about the recent beheading of an Oklahoma women. Some people just prefer to be ostriches – if their head is in the sand and cannot see the danger, it is not there. Here is what he wrote (keep in mind the death toll thus far is more than “one person” and he has not read CDC report that the virus can stay on a door knob for hours:
From the panic, you might forget that Ebola is actually hard to get because it requires physical contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is not only infected but symptomatic. ...Ebola or the Islamic State but the hugely over-hyped fear of them. The public resembles one of those cartoon elephants perched on a chair in trembling terror of a mouse. Ebola has killed one person in the United States, which is one more than the Islamic State has killed. …
The American people are worried about Islamic Jihads as well as Ebola, because, Mr. Chapman, We the People have lost faith in a bureaucratic government that ignores constitutional limitations and thus had grown into a bureaucracy that is becoming less and less manageable operated by inept, bungling fools like you. Mr. Chapman is living in a world of wishes and not reality. He even believes that the Islamic Jihadists cannot come through Mexico into the United States – forgetting how the Mexican drug cartel has established itself, already documented by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Mr. Chapman needs to find another occupation – he certainly is NOT a journalist, at least one taken seriously. But then, look where he is employed as a columnist and editorial writer: Chicago Tribune. (especially when covering stories concerning labor leaders and labor unions)
'Big Three' mainstream media:
...all three network morning shows hyped Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott’s refusal to appear on stage for a scheduled debate with his Democratic opponent, former Governor Charlie Crist, due to the appearance of an unapproved fan. Despite the “big three” enthusiastically covering the Republican governor’s “Fangate” episode, the networks have repeatedly refused to cover political controversies from Democrats running for office this year. … A fair and unbiased media would have covered these recent Democratic campaign errors with the same enthusiasm that they gave to Republican Rick Scott and “Fangate." Unsurprisingly, ABC, CBS, and NBC have repeatedly chosen to bury Democratic campaign controversies while eagerly jumping when a Republican candidate makes a mistake on the campaign trail.

New York Times front-page article about Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons stockpiles in Iraq – denied by Democrats and who justified voting for the Iraq War in 2004 presidential election was because they were lied to by GW Bush and administration. NBC has yet to cover this story that exonerates former President GW Bush. NBC was the media that asked a wounded soldier in April of 2003:
 “Are you angry that what you were on a mission to protect America against weapons of mass destruction which may never have existed?
The Pentagon recently reported that those chemical weapons, like mustard gas, that did not exist is being used by ISIS fighters. ABC and CBS joins NBC to redact their accusation of the Bush administration, much less cover this new knowledge.

In the Arizona governor election campaign, Fred DuVal agrees that 14-years-old can have an abortion without parental notification or consent. …
...Uh, consent, no. Because I believe that then gives the choice of reproductive freedom to the parents and not to the expectant mother and I believe the expectant mother has that …
People like DuVal believe that the state, which operates our public school system, is the one who decides about matters concerning parents and children. It is what has been culminating over the decades following the Marxist ideology that taking control of education of youth provides a base for the state's mandates and propaganda – thus the state is what matters, not the parents. And people like DuVal insist they are not socialists.
Robert Graham, Arizona GOP chairman stated in an email:
Fred DuVal is denying the role parents have in raising and loving their own children...DuVal is a candidate who has an incredible disregard for family life as we know it. Forget everyday political issues like taxes and budgets and tuition costs. Fred DuVal is the worst thing that could happen to families in Arizona.
Democratic-Socialists contend that 14-years-old children have the right to make up their mind about an abortion, but cannot decide whether to use tobacco or alcohol products until 21 years of age; nor are they capable of handling firearms until 18 or 21 years of age. They are all for killing unborn children, but refuse to accept a death sentence for a convicted murderer. The sludge of hypocrisy drips from the ideology and political platforms of the Democratic Party and RINOs.
Fortunately, a CBS News poll shows Republican Doug Ducey leading DuVal 50-39 percent.
This is heartening and points out that Americans seem to be waking up to being fed BS and kept in the dark; but the GOP requires reformation as well.
The Founders knew that citizens informed are better citizens, thus the First Amendment; but even Thomas Jefferson lamented how the press (media) could misuse that power of knowledge by eliminating certain aspects of facts and becoming a mouthpiece for the state through bias towards one political faction. The media is only useful if it is the eyes and ears of the People and not the mouthpiece of a political faction and/or the state.
This can only change when the media begins to lose revenue because of their bias and unethical practices; as well as reformation of journalistic educational institutions insisting there be a code established for the media to be the representation for the People and not special interest and political groups' propaganda mouthpiece.
Old Missouri proverb (used in film, Outlaw Josie Wales) ...
Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

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