Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Spin" is a Progressive Word for "Lying"

In the world of politics and part of the handbook of mainstream media, lying or misconception based upon a fraction of truth is called “Spin”. It is the way that political talking heads and progressive socialists circumvent the word “lies” or “lying”, like they circumvent the “spin” they produce when changing “global warming” to “climate change” - covering their butts in case the Earth is not warming, but instead cooling. All part of Earth's natural cycle that is millions of years old.
The latest Obama BLS report is that 248,000 new jobs were created or that was the increase of employment with an unemployment rating that the feds declare is just under 7%.
It is only partly true. If one investigates, they will find that 315,000 people left the labor force last month – either giving up after a long period of trying to find employment or other reasons.
According to the report provided by John Ransom
That’s because another 315,000 people left the labor force last month. When adding in the numbers of people who entered the civilian population (217,000) job creation is hardly keeping up with population growth. The job gains, in fact, are not much better than in previous years. When one accounts for part-time work, discouraged workers and those who have dropped out of the labor force entirely, unemployment is closer to 23 percent, with no great sign of retreat from that number. Six years into the so-called "recovery", the economy should be humming by now.
Let's reiterate on the topic of government providing jobs … no such thing, unless the government continues its unconstitutional expansion and provides more employment. But that does not help the economy because those who are not working for the government are paying taxes to fund their paychecks.
Those that operate our government, on both sides of the political aisle, do not seem to get that pouring cash and opening new programs at taxpayer expenses, along with choking regulations that remain or new ones are thought up does not help people get employed or keep the economy in good health.
We the People continue to elect from those among us who seem to believe that they are above the law, continue policies and legislation that never work, and do not comprehend what is written in the US Constitution and its amendments – or like Obama, just ignores it while at the same time praising actions are constitutional and in the spirit of the founders. [a big lie] Let's face it, both political clubs have regulated Americans to death – and the economy reflects their bad decisions.
These regulations say precisely how homeowners, home builders, doctors, patients, insurance companies, automakers, factories, students, public utilities, private investors, public companies, universities, airlines, cable companies, software companies, cellphone makers and even bakeries and dairy farmers can spend their own money. That’s why despite record amounts of money supply, we have the slowest velocity of money ever on record. If monetary velocity were recorded like global temperatures are pretended to be, we’d be in a deep, deep Ice Age. … Marx thought the drudgery of work would eventually alienate labor. But Obama’s figured out a way to avoid labor entirely. The alienation he throws in for free.
These Clowns Not Remotely Funny
An energy bill passed the House and Reid is holding it up - it would provide jobs, stimulate the economy, and make US self-sufficient - reduce energy costs. Six years and the economy still stinks. Their solution: more money, more government - same political strategies. They just do not understand what it takes to operate a government and be true leaders.
Only voters can make the difference. Only Americans who keep an eye on their senators and representatives can make the difference - even when they trusted them to vote for. It is time that elected officials start earning their pay, put the country and its people before political organizations.
Are you not tired of being lied to and misrepresented by shysters posing as statesmen and stateswomen?
For the people in Nevada – You want a better economy? Get rid of Harry Reid and replace him with someone who will pass responsible legislation, stop illegal alien amnesty and invasion, know that fixing a problem is not just pouring more money into something that does not work – money that we do not have with a multiple trillion dollar national debt.
Harry Reid, and those like him, are public enemies

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