Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fast-N-Furious and Operation Choke Hold Haunts the End of Holder's Attorney General Career

Eric Holder announced his resignation and Obama is going through the process of nominating his replacement. In the wake of the myriad of scandals that will become the legacy of the Obama administration, Holder stands out as further revelations of his Operation Fast and Furious actions withheld from the American people is revealed. It is a legacy of mismanagement, incompetence, politicization of federal law enforcement and executive branch, as well as reverse racism.
Judicial Watch obtained public records of a lawsuit, not covered by mainstream media, against the city of Phoenix, Arizona over an AK 47 rifle obtained by Operation Fast and Furious used in a gangland shooting in Phoenix.
Our federal law enforcement system should be fighting against criminal organizations, like Mexican drug cartel, instead of aiding them.
Eric Holder's 'retirement' means that it is most likely that he will never face charges against him for his unlawful actions while serving as US Attorney General.
In an unrelated lawsuit, Judicial Watch announced on September 4th, it filed a lawsuit against the DOJ concerning another controversial program entitled Operation Choke Point, where the DOJ in 2013 forced banks and other financial service providers to cut off services to businesses that have not been found guilty of or even charged with breaking the law. The suit was filed with the US District Court for the District of Columbia, Judicial Watch v. US Department of Justice.
Operation Choke Point emerged when President Obama issued an executive order in 2009 that created the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, led by Eric Holder. The FDIC listed on its website 30 merchant categories targeted as 'high risk'. DOJ has claimed that OCP was set up to combat massive consumer fraud.
The Obama administration has a history of strong-arming banks or any organization or individual that is against their political ideology and socialist progression. The DOJ, under the direction of Holder, has not focused upon fraudulent and incompetent practices within its own department or any other department or agency of the executive administration – like the IRS scandal. 

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