Monday, October 6, 2014

California: Role Model for Progressive Socialism

California. Once the fifth wealthiest state in the world. A land of beautiful mountains, surfing, the Motion Picture Industry, once the state with the most technological companies until they taxed them to death and moved, the land of fake boobs, fake people, nest-bed of socialism (McCarthy was right), abusive regulations, high taxation, and growing totalitarian state.
As Doug Giles wrote:
Yep, as of last Tuesday, your moody, manic, anti-Second Amendment, Castro-loving, eco-terrorist, tree-humping, Prius-driving twisted sister can call you “crazy”, report you to the cops and boom … Deputy Wedge Figgus can confiscate your Remington 870 ‘til a court decides you’re not demented.
New anti-constitution invasive law that, of course, Governor Jerry Brown signed …
California residents can now petition a judge to temporarily remove a close relative’s firearms if they fear their family member will commit gun violence, thanks to a new safety measure signed into law Tuesday (9/30/14) by Gov. Jerry Brown. Under the “Gun Violence Restraining Order” law, a successful petition would allow a judge to remove the close relative’s guns for at least 21 days, with the option to extend that period to a year, pending an additional hearing, according to Reuters.. The law is the first of its kind in the U.S., and will be an extension of existing legislation that temporarily prohibits people with domestic violence restraining orders from owning firearms.”
Yes, folks, if you want to see America's progression toward totalitarian socialism – just take a look at California.
No one thought that this law could be abused. What if a relative is crazy or paranoid or just don't like you and reports you to the police as having suspicious behavior?
And, would one expect justice from a court system like what is in California – defying immigration laws, which created more crime and then decided that refusing to abide by the Second Amendment would reduce the crime that the California court and political system caused? The state has considered in dividing itself, which is understandable since they revoke liberties in the Bill of Rights, which they are obliged to do as a state of the Union.

The anti-gun (anti-constitution), tree hugging, liberty taking progressives ignore the fact that more murder was committed with instruments and methods than firearms – in the latest FBI report. And, as Doug Giles concluded …
And lastly, if these Liberals really, truly, want to see murder rates drop in their state, then instead of creating new, unconstitutional laws, why not instead enforce immigration laws, because illegal aliens murder a whole lot of folks. Especially in Los Angeles.
I believe that the people who initiate and support such laws – and sign them into law – should be the ones having their head examined. This law was instigated by the Santa Barbara shooting of a mentally ill member of an affluent family. All of them are ignoring that the highest crime rate is in areas of California where illegal aliens have congregated, creating their own cultural communities and criminal systems – boosted by Mexican cartel thugs and affiliates. So the solution is to hate the NRA and firearms, revoke the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and let California be the Big Brother state of the 21st century. The way to control the people is to infiltrate the educational system and convince the people by using the media. Dumb-down has become a familiar term, and its success is demonstrating in the following video ...
All the information in the previous video was known to American voters, but they still reelected him in 2012 - some more than once.
Joseph McCarthy, called a 'witch hunter' by progressive liberals and closet socialists and communists was more right than how history showed he was ...
FDR's administration was riddled with socialist and communist sympathizers; indeed historical evidence shows that his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, was a confirmed socialist. FDR called the butcher of Moscow, Joseph Stalin, "Uncle Joe" and concerned Winston Churchill that he was too trusting and friendly with the Russian leader who made a pact with Adolph Hitler. Ironically, it was the released records of the KGB that exonerated Joseph McCarthy, who died a ridiculed man, who showed that Hollywood had become a nest bed for socialists and communists, subversives of constitutional law and advocates of dictators like Fidel Castro. It is also tied in with wealthy men said to be the new age instruments of the Illuminati.
The tragedy of the Great Depression was a ripe time for communists to infiltrate the working class via trade unions, educational institutions, and the infrastructure of politics and federal government. It infiltrated Hollywood, who could use its media to indoctrinate; restructuring the important core of family nucleus, insisting that the US Constitution is "outdated" ...


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