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Obama 'Change' Not What Uninformed, Stubborn Voters Hoped For

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President Obama begins his sweeping immigration “reform” program quietly before the congressional elections occur on first Tuesday of November. After the elections he intends to use his pen and sign an executive order to permit 100,000 Haitian immigrants into the country, by passing immigration laws and becoming future Democrat voters.
Designed to give little notice, which the mainstream media obediently obliges, it was quietly announced on Friday. Haitians approved to gain green cards in two years, allows them to become part of the work force (while Americans remain unemployed) in 2015. The way the democratic-socialist work, they will be fraudulently voting in time for 2016.
Barack Hussein Obama promised “Change” in 2008, but the voters never bothered to investigate or insist upon the details of that 'change'; thus that change being the hope of the United States becoming a 'banana republic', third-world nation within the next decade at this rate.
New York Times reported the new legalization has the same rationale that may be used as part of Obama's expected mass legalization program:
Friday’s announcement is not part of that broader executive action, but includes an element that the administration is considering for wider use. In some proposals, temporary parole, like that planned for the Haitian relatives, could be offered to a much larger group of close relatives of American citizens who are in the United States illegally.
Haitians who crept into the United States illegally are allegedly not included – but who is really keeping track in the federal government?
Senate Judiciary member, Chuck Grassley, (R-IA) asked:
Which countries are next on President Obama's list? Will there be medical screenings before entry? Will work permits be granted automatically? How will this affect American workers?
Democrats have lied to American workers ever since they and organized crime lords took control of the trade and labor unions. Both continually state how they take care of employed Americans, but enact programs as aforementioned that counters employment of legal citizens. Immigration work visas were originally intended for skilled workers. How many among those 100,000 Haitians fit that bill. Skilled and educated workers, you know, like engineers and computer programmers – both whose American citizen work force has been bleak in the recent decade.
What does the 'skilled' worker have over the American educated skilled worker? They were educated in a country where the education standards were higher and graduates actually know their trade – not under a government-run brainwash program.
The Miami HeraldJacqueline Charles - reported that an administration official did not try to hide the action that Obama is taking and intends to take after the elections that bypasses Congress and violates his oath of office as well as constitutional law.
Why should he?
What will Congress do, impeach him?
Comprehensive immigration reform would have solved this problem not just for Haitians but for all other nationalities who are waiting in the immigrant visa backlog because it would have substantially increased the numbers of family immigrant visas available and people would have been able to come in as permanent residents. As it hasn’t happened, we are proceeding with this program.
The IRS, NSA, State Department, and Eric Holder and other Obama minions got away with criminal and ethical violations – does anyone think that Obama and minions will be brought to justice?
What is and what will the mainstream media do about it?
Nothing, just as they always do – swept under the carpet while they focus upon Ebola and ISIS to distract voters.
There are many places in the world who suffered disaster, does that mean that the United States is obligated to not only fund them with dollars and material, but take in their people whether there are jobs for them or not? Whether they are medically screened, or not? Whether they belong to criminal organizations like Mexican drug cartel?
All during this immigration crisis and unsecured border situation, Heroin usage and over-dose deaths have increased dramatically. That is only one type of illegal drug. Other crimes have increased as well, the criminals being primarily illegal aliens – filling our jails, just as they have taken jobs from Americans that the Democrat Party has always stated American citizens don't want.
Michelle Obama School Lunch
Meanwhile, Obama plays golf with his White House cronies in Virginia, over the 200th time, Michelle Obama ensures that government takes over the eating habits of US citizens without insisting that those food stamp recipients only buy food that she deems healthy. Indeed, talk of food stamp program is being cut in funding to pay for the Obama healthy foods drive. Government taking charge of our lives - food, what next? 
Democratic-Socialists love interfering with personal lives of others, only accepting people that agree with them no matter how cracked their ideology is.
Immigration reform and changes is the job of Congress, not the executive branch; a president who thinks he can just sign an executive order and poof – it happens.
What is the sense of having a Congress? A federal Supreme Court?
The check-and-balance system installed by the Founders have gradually disintegrated to this – Obama intending all along that the 'Change' he referred to was less Constitution and more Marxism.
As your children are being taught in the government-run schools – the state knows better how to run your life than you do, parents are just there to make more children to attend their schools so those parents can drop them off and be rid of them for eight hours.
If the progressives have their way, science and technology will do away with parents altogether – leaving the state supreme and in charge of everything. No freedom of choice, little or no liberties at all – unless the state says so.
Politicians Believe They Can Legislate Weather/Climate
Gone are the days of the teacher-parent relationships and programs. Progressives insist that children who get pregnant get abortions without the knowledge or consent of their parents – because it is the state that decides important issues. The unwashed populace, the peasants, cannot make such decisions and responsibility. That is the political platform of the democratic-socialist party of the United States and the RINOs who call themselves “moderates”.
As my cousin wrote on Facebook - “It is a free country, but not a free ride”.
Also … US and UK are not the only free nation in danger of Islamic Jihadists – see article about Australia.

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  1. Just such scary stuff. And no one seems to be able to stop it...