Friday, April 30, 2010

21st Century Barbarians At The Gate

Remind me.  Are we living in the 12th or the 21st century?

Please be aware that a number of these links contain gruesome images. If you see an asterisk (*) next to a title, the images are extremely barbaric.

Muhammad, Aisha, Islam, and Child Brides
Wedded to Tradition:  Marriage at Puberty
49 year old Nigerian senator, Ahmad Yerima, denies that his bride is 13 years old
Child Brides of Obama's Islamic Allies
Honor Killings: Islam Mysogyny
Top Ten Reasons Why Sharia is Bad For All Societies
Wafa Sultan on Sharia
Nonie Darwish - Jihad Culture
Iran to arrest women with suntan
Iranian cleric:  Immodest women cause quakes
Science Islam
A Soundless Scream
Subjugation of Women, Child Abuse, Female Genital Mutilation *
Abuse of U.S. Muslim Women Is Greater Than Reported
Honor Killing From An Islamic Perspective
"Honor Killing" is Absolutely Islamic! *
Rights of Children Born Out of Wedlock
Sexual Depravity Breeds Savage Jihadists
Recognition vs. Acceptance - Islamic discourses on 'homosexuality'
Crossing The Line - The Intifada Comes To Campus
Obsession - The Movie
Sharia Law 101 With Glenn Beck

This is the way to Paradise?


  1. Now your getting it.

    Support the SIOA. They stand for freedom from oppression. They are NOT a hate group. They fight against hate. Of course they have been labeled a "hate group" by the treasonous government media, who is actively propagating CAIR as a Moslem civil rights group. When in actuality they are an unindicted co-conspirator in a HAMMAS funding case. They are an off shoot of the Moslem brother hood, a radical, Islamic Jihadist group, and they are infiltrated our Government RIGHT NOW. This must stop

    Watch the movie, the third jihad.

    It is the best movie about "creeping Shari'ah I have ever seen. It was written by a Moslem, who is in the military, and found a document written by the Moslem brother hood tactic of destroying a civilization from with in. Using our freedoms, civil rights, and our legal system, to destroy our way of live and install Shari'ah.

    This is not a test! This is not a joke! It *is* happening.

  2. And I would also remind JR readers of another article at It includes PJTV videos about Islamic infiltration into the highest levels of our government.