Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Persona non grata: What if we had literally turned our backs to the statists? | by EricaThunderpaws

What does a narcissist want more than anything else?  Attention!

Count me among the many who are seething with anger with President Obama and Democrat members of Congress for bludgeoning the American people with unimaginable debt, which will have to be funded with unimaginable taxes to pay for health care and a host of horrible statist ideas. 

Like you, I want to viscerally express my outrage, and will continue to do so with protest signs, in writing, and in graphics for as long as these people hold public office.

However, a calmer voice has suggested another way to show our contempt for these power-hungry politicians.  The idea is simple, yet humiliating for the recipients. 

Remember the arrogant way in which Speaker Pelosi, with gavel in hand, and members of the House, uncharacteristically marched through the middle of the tea party protestors? 

Remember how the crowd angrily shouted “Kill the bill!” at the representatives? 

Remember how the media used this situation (setup) to portray tea party participants as racists, bigots and homophobes? 

Think about this for a moment.  When an Alinskyite bully taunts us, and we verbally respond in front of the cameras, aren’t we playing right into the hands of the statists and their sycophant media?

What if, instead of yelling slogans and waving signs, the tea party members had immediately recognized an opportunity to humiliate the representatives simply by turning their backs on them?

What if the crowd had turned around, folded their arms, closed their eyes, and had become completely silent as the arrogant members of Congress marched amongst them?

The answer is that Pelosi and her cohorts would have been frustrated and humiliated by the silent treatment.  Their mission to taunt the crowd would have failed miserably.

Power-hungry narcissists want to be noticed, even if they are held in contempt.  When the right opportunity knocks, whether that occurs during a demonstration, at a townhall meeting, or on the campaign trail,  I say we should refuse to give these Democrats our rapt and angry attention, because that is exactly what they crave from us! 

Occasionally we should let the statists feel our rejection with the weight of our silence and our unwillingness to make eye contact with them.

Teach them that in our eyes, they are persona non grata.

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  1. A very fine idea ... the persona are VERY MUCH non-grata!! And detested as well!!