Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eyjafjallajokul: Mankind Exists By Geologic Consent | by EricaThunderpaws

THIS is the kind of event that alters climate, not man-made emissions! I wonder if Al Gore is listening.  For an explanation, read Will the Icelandic Volcano Cool off the Planet? and Volcanoes cool climate through bacteria.

Eyjafjallajokull is simply one volcano, and as volcanoes go around the planet, a relatively insignificant one. In spite of that, the financial damage it is wreaking on Europe is remarkable, not to mention the change in lifestyles in the sense that so long as Eyjafjallajokull continues to erupt, air travel will be curtailed or stopped altogether.  Imagine a world without air travel! This volcano is also known for emitting fluorine gas.  During its 1821 eruption, it spewed gas for a two-year period and killed people and animals across parts of Europe.  Today there's no way to know how long this eruption will continue.  I had plans to travel to Europe this summer, now I wonder if that will be possible. 

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  1. You might well wonder if it will be possible, but even more important, if it will be safe. What will the air quality be, and what sources can you count on to tell you the truth?
    Europe is amazing. There is no replica of David that is anything like The David. To touch the walls of the Tower of London is, if you know history, an overwhelming experience. You should go...when you feel sure it's (reasonably) safe.