Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing Conservative Hispanics On The Internet

We don't hear about this much in the media, but there are a lot of conservative Hispanics in America.  I submit the following list for your perusal.  Maybe we can help this list grow by participating on some of these blogs.  In other words, add to your circle of friends. Give them the support they need to expand and prosper, and spread the good news about conservatism.

I am distressed with the left's penchant for reducing all differences of opinion to either a race or class issue.  That's lazy at best, and downright evil at worst.  For example, America's chief law enforcement officer, President Barack Obama, played the race card over Arizona's immigration bill.  This man has no common sense, and no class.  I would like to challenge Obama and others of his ilk with the following thought.
Imagine for a moment that the people flowing over the southern border from Mexico are not Hispanics, but instead are blond, blue-eyed caucasians who only speak Scandinavian.  Furthermore, these Scandinavians are swamping local resources, and causing an unprecedented crime wave. Under those circumstances, what argument besides racism could you possibly use to justify their illegal immigration?  You wouldn't have one!  In fact, you'd have a wall built on the border so fast our heads would spin, especially if you thought the Vikings might vote as conservatives.  Those of you who say that enforcing illegal immigration law is racist, are yourselves racists for making that statement.
One last thought.  In my view, it is sterotyping to assume that Hispanics are monolithic in their thinking, and thus they will automatically vote Democrat.  The list below says otherwise.

More than half of Hispanics identify as conservative, poll finds
Conservative Republican Values and the American Hispanic
Texas Hispanic Candidates Embracing Tea Party Movement

The Hispanic Conservative
The Americano
Latino Republican Forum
Republican National Hispanic Assembly
Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois
Latino Partnership
Hispanic Family Values
Hispanic Pundit
Resurgent Republic
Conservative Hispanic Society
American Connection
Sonoran Alliance
Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity

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