Thursday, April 29, 2010

UNDER THE RADAR: Congress Voting Today to Make Puerto Rico the 51st State!

This information needs to go viral. Congress needs to be shut down with phone calls and faxes starting first thing in the morning. That is today, April 29, 2010.

Re:  HR2499

Puerto Rican Statehood Today!
by James M. Simpson

Apparently there is to be a vote later today on a bill regarding Puerto Rican statehood. They are calling it “non-binding” but it is not non-binding! It is a trap. The bill makes eventual Puerto Rican statehood a virtual certainty. This is despite the fact that statehood has been voted down repeatedly. The Puerto Rican people don’t want it!

But since when has that stopped the Left from ramming what they want down people’s throats? And why do they want this? The same reason they want everything, to further entrench their power. Statehood would mean two new senators, six or seven new representatives, a whole slew of new voters and tons of opportunities to spend more of your money.


  1. This is merely mopre of the same attempt to destroy our culture and our country. These America-haters in Congress know no bounds!!

    Another thing the PR-Statehood thingy does is lock-in ESL (English as a Second Languare) status since a high percentage of the citizens in PR do NOT speak English ... thing of the spending bills for "helping these poor souls" become fluent (not to mention the additional spending and bureaucratic hiring excesses required for the linguistics involved).

    It is all merely a part of the de-construction of America and the overthrowing of the Uinted States Constitution by the Beltway Bastards.

  2. "More Democrat VOTES for Obama in November"!!!