Friday, April 23, 2010

A Spectrum of Hate

Just a sampling.  As a species, we have a long way to go yet. - The Ten Point Plan
     Wiki: Black Panther Party
New Black Panther Party For Self Defense
     Wiki:  New Black Panther Party
     Sidelight:  Time for Holder and Perrelli to Be Put Under Oath on Black Panther Case Dismissal
Anarchist People of Color -- (don't be fooled by the attempts at intellectualism)
      Anarchism Articulated:  Who We Are, What We Want, What We do
Jew Watch
Utopian Anarchist Party
Politijab forum (free registration):
     Uncle Tom Watch (you must be registered to view this thread)
God Hates Fags
     Wiki:  Westboro Baptist Church
Unreasonable Faith - compendium of athiest blogs
American Nazi Party
Storm Front
The Ku Klux Klan
     Wiki:  White Supremacy 
Jihadi websites:  When I searched for actual Jihadi sites, I could not find a specific site to link to, which I thought odd.  Perhaps I  used the wrong keyword.  In any case, we are told that these sites are abundant.  In lieu of linking to actual Jihidi sites, I found instead these counter-terrorism sites.  These people or organizations watch Jihadi sites and report on them.  In short, these are the "good guys" in the war on terror.
     International Institute for Counter-Terrorism
     Jihad Watch
     Counterterrorism Blog
     The Memri Blog

The list above is depressing, so to lighten your heart, see Counterweight to Evil:  A Spectrum of Love

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