Monday, April 26, 2010

Organizing For America: How To Be A Fly On The Wall in the Enemy's Camp

Here's an opportunity for adventurous conservatives and tea party activists.

The November 2010 election is only about 6-1/2 months from now.  Obama's political arm, Organizing for America (aka, has begun strategy sessions with activists in locales all across the country, and they will continue these sessions through election day.   It is very easy to find a session near you, register to participate, and then listen in on their strategies and tactics.  Use the link below to enter your zip code and find a session.  So that you don't give yourself away, you may have to (ugh!) actually do a little volunteer work just to see how their tactics work.  Whether or not you use your real name is up to you.  One brave tea party activist has already described her undercover activities.

Vote 2010:  Find An Event
OFA says:
Time and time again we've seen that real change comes from the bottom up—which is why we've invested in staff on the ground in all 50 states, and volunteer leaders in every single congressional district. Just as they did in 2008, grassroots volunteers are working in every community across the country to talk to voters, register new voters, and organize together for change.

Already this year, volunteers have pledged over 10 million hours to fight for candidates who supported the President's plan for health reform. All year long, we'll be working to ensure that voters who came out to the polls to support Barack Obama in 2008 return again this year, and that they recognize how important it is that the President have strong allies in Congress working alongside him.

No matter where you live, you can find an upcoming event and connect—or re-connect—with local supporters in your area.
CAUTION.  Anyone who tries to do this will either have to be a very good actor, or keep very quiet as you sit through the session.  Needless to say, if you reveal your true feelings about Obama, you'll probably have a very unpleasant experience and get an escort out the door, so don't attempt to do this unless you are confident you can succeed.  And remember, if you've got a bumper sticker on your vehicle which reveals your political views, then you had better remove it before pulling into the parking lot!  Small details like that can cause you a lot of problems.

To those of you who become a fly on the wall and learn about a tactic that would interest tea party activists, you are invited to contact me if you don't have your own blog.  You can either post your information in the comment section, or write me using the Contact button in the sidebar.  We can discuss the nature of your information and then decide how much can be revealed without giving away your name and location.

Remember.  America as we know it is at risk, so we have to use unusual tactics. You can bet they're infiltrating tea party meetings as well.

P.S.  The fly you see in the picture is an authentic robot listening device!  Kind of a scary thought.

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