Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Obama is ineligible – regardless of his birthplace | linked by EricaThunderpaws

Why Obama is ineligible – regardless of his birthplace

By Leo C. Donofrio, Esq.
© 2010
The following discussion assumes President Obama was born in Hawaii and is a United States citizen.
The purpose of this article is to highlight judicial and historical evidence suggesting that a "natural born citizen" must be born in the United States to parents who are citizens. By that definition, Obama is not eligible to be president. Therefore, his presidency and official administrative acts remain subject to being rendered void by the Supreme Court. 

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  1. The first British-born president since Andrew Jackson needs to keep his eye on the ball: a nuclear Iran.

  2. Where are you LEO?!?!

    Consider Zachary Taylor - born in the US but still exempt from natural born citizen requirement of the Constitution. Why? Because Taylor was born before the adoption of the Constitution. Taylor was born in the US but was not a natural born citizen. Taylor is the flesh-and-blood example of why the conventional wisdom is wrong. Born in the US is NOT NECESSARILY a natural born citizen of the US.

    Taylor was born under the Congress of the Confederation which was created by the Articles of Confederation, the first government of the Untied States. But he still enjoyed the exemption from the NBC requirement. There we no natural born citizens of the United States under the Constitution until after the adoption of the Constitution. So, Taylor, like Obama, was born in the United States, but was born under the allegiance of another government (Taylor the Congress of the Confederation; Obama the United Kingdom). Both require the exemption from the NBC requirement to be president. Only one can claim it.

    Leo, please consider this angle. Anyone who can reach Leo, please pass this on to him.

  3. DCBIkerJohn,

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