Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zo Rachel's Brilliant Blowback to NYT Reporter Charles Blow

For a guy like Alfonzo "Zo" Rachel, who speaks openly about his drug use and how it messed up his education, this is one smart fellow.  He sees straight through the left's shtick, and rebukes them with rapid-fire retorts.  Zo is a regular contributor on  He created this video in response to an article written by New York Times reporter Charles Blow.  Mr. Blow deigned to show up at the Tax Day Tea Party in Dallas on 4/15/10.  Not finding the bigotry he assumed would occur at the rally, Blow still managed to find fault with the rally by using a racial slur himself to make fun of the multi-racial speakers on the dais, one of whom was Zo.  Blow comes off as a a left-wing elitist.

This is Zo's brilliant blowback.   Love it!

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