Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hmmm. Kenyan Embassy is enroute to "soccer game" that never was | by EricaThunderpaws

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The first Google map shows the path between the White House and the location of the soccer game President Obama said he was going to watch.  Distance between the White House and 40th & Chesapeake is 5 miles, or 13 minutes apart.

The second Google map shows the path between the White House and the Kenyan Embassy (2249 R Street NW), a distance of 1.5 miles, or 7 minutes apart.

Why does this matter?

On 4/12/10, Jefferson's Rebels picked up on the story that had recently been circulating the net. We reported on a bizarre comment made by Kenya's Minister of Lands.  James Orengo plainly said on the floor of Kenya's National Assembly,   "If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America?"

Not surprisingly, that set a lot of heads spinning!

On Saturday, 4/10/10, President Obama broke with protocol and left the White House alone without the press in tow.  This behavior by a President is apparently unprecedented.  He disappeared about the same time the internet was buzzing with the story about OrengoCat Corben's article on RedState.com, President Obama Goes To Soccer Game That Didn't Exist? is provocative, and raises some intriguing questions.  Please be sure to read it so you understand why this may be important.  Also hat-tip to fluff1818 who was the first to notice the proximity of routes.  As a result of this unusual behavior by President Obama, speculation is running rampant across the blogosphere, and I guess I'm adding to it here.

As the maps above reveal, the Kenyan Embassy is enroute to the nonexistent soccer game.  Coincidence?  You tell me.

[UPDATE: I found a 4/17/10 Politico article, Press airs grievances to Robert Gibbs.  Author Mike Allen says the White House Correspondents' Association met with Gibbs for 75 minutes to "improve frayed relations," in part due to Obama's unescorted walkabout on 4/10/10.  In the meeting, Gibbs made this remark:  "I started by thanking the WHCA on behalf of the president and first lady for protecting the privacy of the Obama children."   From this statement I surmise that no one in the press has attempted to confirm the veracity of Obama's claim that he went to watch his daughter play soccer, even though Sidwell Friends School only plays soccer in the fall.  Nor has the press attempted to verify whether the Obama daughters are members of one of the soccer clubs that played on the 10th.  Did Obama use his daughters' privacy privileges to give him plausible deniability?  We will never get an answer if we have to rely on the lamestream media to investigate.]


  1. It would seem he went to shut up the Kenyan ambassador???

  2. On the surface it appears he is trying to get the embassy to give a rebuttal to the earlier proclamation that he was born in Kenya. Is there any other reason for this breaking with protocol? I don't think so, I believe he was so alarmed with the announcement he had no choice but to go to his homelands embassy and complain and have damage control ordered.

  3. Shhh...Obama is the best thing that has ever happened to the Republican Party. DON'T push the "not a natural citizen thing or you will ruin the momentum. I wonder if the NEW congress will investigate after November?

  4. Let's say he WAS born in Hawaii - but was adopted by Soetoro and moved to Indonesia and, as a result, became an Indonesian citizen. That would STILL make him a dual US/Indonesian citizen. But wait, that would make him a tri-citizen.................British/US/Indonesian.

    He will end up becoming mentally ill at some point......if he isn't already. What type of person with an ounce of integrity, honesty, patriotism, morality.......let alone, common sense, could live such a lie?

  5. what in the hell is stopping the law makers in this government from calling illegal POTUSINO excactly what he is and that is Illeagally holding office of the POTUS

  6. well, he had to denounce his bi-country citizenship if he wanted to adopt Indonesian citizenship per Indonesia rule!!!!

  7. I was being sarcastic. BUT! He was too young to even understand it all. His mother and stepfather probably changed his citizenship status to get him into school.However, when he became a "man" and went to law school, I am sure he realized the situation. Why he did not do something about it then is beyond me. Other than, it was not a problem for a state or US senator - and by the time he was running for president, it was too late, so he hid it. Lying for him is a survival tactic.

    I really cannot come to believe that his parents did all of this for him to president.

    But, I DO believe that "divine providence" CAN play a role in circumstances.

  8. Indonesia, at the time obama lived there did NOT ALLOW, dual citizenship.  Also only ONE of obamas parents, was an American citizenship.  mar

  9. No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.
    Abraham Lincoln
    16th president of US (1809 - 1865)
    Just like Nixon the little lies have a way of accumulating or pointing the way to the WHOPPERS.

  10. It has only been 19 months since the rise of his popularity. It takes YEARS before some dense-heads realize what some people perceive in 20 minutes. I have faith that the truth will arise ...............