Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Senate Judiciary Committee: Confirmation of Loretta Lynch and GOP Majority Test

President Obama backed down from his SOTU plan to tax 529 college investment funds; but he and his administration is still working on a back-door approach to tax the Internet. In effect, the government already taxes the Internet through the communication companies, just like the government does with the telephone. But that is not good enough for the tax-and-spend politicians who refuse to budget as evident with the skyrocket national debt. Apparently either no one noticed or did not bother to look or did not care when they re-elected Obama in 2014. Oddly, Republicans have lost re-election on far less than what Obama and company have been doing. The myriad of scandals and the horror of the Benghazi attack outcome should have sent Obama out to pasture – but they didn't. It appears the majority of voters were more afraid of Mitt Romney as president. Not that I wanted him as a running nominee in the primary elections, not because of his character, but his political track record. His state health care program mirrored the Obamacare program now in place, which the US Supreme Court should have stopped from the beginning, but still would have been an improvement over the administration at present. Now the Republican legislators are faced with attempts to put Obamacare in the garbage bin where it belongs. Even if they pass such legislation in Congress, they will have to get enough support to override the assured veto via President Obama.

US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Loretta Lynch, has been nominated by President Obama to replace the notorious Eric Holder, (elected at one of the 10 most corrupt politicians in 2012) who committed perjury and other acts of corruption (16 total) and ineptness without any justice for a long list of unethical and corrupt acts. It is expected that the Senate Judiciary Committee will be grilling Lynch with tough questions. In a recent incident, Holder and others have won against whistleblowers as a federal jury has just sentenced one to prison. Effectively, Holder has cleaned his tracks before he leaves office officially. Maybe one question will be why Lynch quietly dropped a $450,000 civil forfeiture case one week before nomination hearings. The case was part of the Holder legacy where people suffer their financial accounts frozen, homes, cars, etc., held in bondage before there is even declaration of a crime committed.
According to Raw Story:
Since 2008, police agencies have seized cash and property worth $3 billion, making more than 55,000 seizures, according to the Washington Post. Lynch’s office hauled in $113 million in civil forfeiture actions from 123 cases between 2011 and 2013, and a Wall Street Journal editorial described her office as “a major forfeiture operation.”
Is this the person Congress should want to replace Holder?
I think not, but still hope.
Yet, with that in mind, it is expected that she will be confirmed as the next US Attorney General to pick up the reins of the Obama regime's judiciary department.
At her hearing, Lynch stated she will:
use every available tool to bring terrorists to justice.
Lynch also stated that illegal immigrants have a right to work in the United States
The committee will be the first series of tests of the Republican majority and chairman, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Voters will be watching to see if they made the right choice in the mid-term elections of 2014. 
Meanwhile, Obama reiterated his plan to shutdown Gitmo and either release the terrorists or transfer some to high security prisons in the United States. The major theme is to save government cost of keeping them incarcerated. Coinciding with the Obama push to make friends with the Cuban Castro regime, one wonders if the long-term plan is to pull out of Guantanamo Bay altogether. It may be part of the shutdown program of military installations in Europe and the United States.  

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