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2016 Presidential Candidate Lineup: Many Americans Cannot Wait

People are seriously considering and discussing possible candidates for the presidency in 2016; mainly because of an attitude concerning being stuck with BH Obama for another two years – especially since impeachment proceedings will most likely never happen. Indeed, since the Republican win of the majority in Congress, Obama is looked upon as a 'lame duck' president with two years left in his term.
Those possible candidates on the Democrat side of the political aisle, but not all inclusive, are:
Hillary Clinton, former US Secretary of State and US Senator whose major hindrance is the Benghazi scandal in a long list of scandals she was involved in during her career as wife of Bill Clinton and political career beginning with being fired from the prosecution/impeachment committee against Richard Nixon for unethical acts.
Bernie Sanders, an independent senator, but voting for him would be voting for Democrat Party.
Elizabeth Warren, US Senator who is known for her outrageous statements.
Jim Webb, former US Senator from Virginia who 'Heard My Country Calling'.
Possible candidates for 2016 Presidential Election primary are:
Jan Brewer, former Governor of Arizona who stood up against unconstitutional acts of BH Obama and fought for her state's right to combat against illegal immigrants.
Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, part of the Bush clan in Texas, committee chairman of Foundation for Excellence in Educationweak on immigration crisis solutions, like his brother and father. He is presently severing connections so as not to compromise his position as a candidate in the GOP primary. In December 2014, CS Monitor reported that Jeb Bush had a double-digit lead among the 2016 GOP candidates. Reality: He will become another GOP elite poster boy like John McCain and Mitt Romney. Considered a RINO and a GOP 'good old boy' of the establishment.
Dr. Ben Carson, Maryland. American Legacy PAC. Recently he stated he will make his decision to run in a 'few months'.
Governor Chris Christie, New Jersey – not a popular choice. Considered a RINO.
Ted Cruz, US Senator, Texas. According to NewsMax he is a strong potential candidate for 2016.
Mike Huckabee, of Florida, former Arkansas Governor. Head of HuckPAC. His consideration is clouded because of his tendency of mixing politics with religion.
Governor Bobby Jindal, Louisiana. He is most famous for his stance during the Gulf oil spill and heads Stand Up to Washington PAC. NewsMax provides commentary.
Rand Paul, US Senator, Kentucky. Head of Rand PAC, his official campaign site is RandPaul2016. While he has some political ideology like his father, he stands on his own on issues. American Spectator, Reid Smith describes him as the future of the GOP and a New Age of Liberty. …
Every “epoch” begins with a specific moment—the origin point of that particular era. The Defenestration of Prague triggered the 30 Years War. Queen Victoria assumed the throne. Chuck Berry plugged in. America experienced just such a moment last March, when Rand Paul took the Senate floor to object to our high-flying executive. He spoke for nearly 13 hours, condemning the dangerous ambiguity of an “unlimited imperial presidency.” … Paul accomplished something nearly unheard of in modern American politics: He completely reoriented public opinion in a matter of hours. … Historically, the biggest knock against Paul is that he’s a “kook” like his father. Such criticism is shallow. The son has already proven savvier and less cantankerous than his dad. … Paul is viable for the same reason other principled conservatives now lead the party. The GOP competes when it produces fresh ideas and compelling candidates. Business as usual won’t cut it when it comes to pulling this country back from the brink. It’s time for generational change. Epochal? Absolutely. … Small wonder a growing number of Americans believe he’s capable of leading not only his party, but this nation.
I liked Ron Paul, but thought he was overboard on some issues – like total isolation of the United States from the rest of the world. However, I, like many Americans are sick of being caught up in conflicts of other nations, wasting funds, material and American lives only for those nations end up biting the hand that feeds them. Worse, there is a need for national security measures here at home. Why should we defend another nation's border when we cannot secure our own? Rand Paul agrees and he approaches political issues with energy and capable use of common sense. We should not send troops and materiel without Congress declaring war.
Rand Paul, born January 7th, 1963. who presently serves as a US Senator for Kentucky, since 2011. He is a former ophthalmologist, son of former US Representative, Ron Paul of Texas.
He founded the Kentucky Taxpayers United in 1994 and supported his father's campaign for presidency. He is a long standing member of the Tea Party movement, often described as a libertarian, but he denies it. He is a constitutionalist Republican and is willing to clash with Republicans who are RINOs as he does with Democrats like Hillary Clinton who he grilled in a committee hearing concerning the Benghazi tragedy/scandal.
While attending Baylor University he was head of the local chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas, later practicing medicine in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Paul is co-author of a book entitled, The Tea Party Goes to Washington (2011) with Jack Hunter. He is also the author of Government Bullies: How Everyday Americans Are Being Harassed, Abused, and Imprisoned by the Feds (2012). In 2013 and 2014, Time magazine included Rand Paul as one of the world's most influential people.
Paul formed the Senate Tea Party Caucus with Jim DeMint and Mike Lee. In February of 2011, Paul was one of two Republicans who voted against extending three key provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act – against roving wiretaps, searches of business records, and conducting surveillance of “lone wolves”, individuals not linked to terrorist groups. He was the last senator opposing the PATRIOT Act.
In March of 2011, Paul was one of nine senators to vote against a stopgap bill that cut $4 billion from the budget and temporarily prevent a government shutdown because it did not cut enough from the budget.
His stand against Islamic Jihad is clear in the following interview:
I urge you to review Rand Paul's web section of On The Issues to see what he voted for and against and where he stands that includes quotations under each issue category. It is an important web site when researching candidates and provides insight upon what a political candidate has or has not done during their political career. For example, Rand Paul recognizes that there are medical reasons why abortions should be performed; however, he is adamant in that life begins at conception and abortion should not be federally funded. Abortion clinics have become centers for infanticide that has killed 50 million unborn infants as of September 2012.
Examine Rand Paul's position on other issues.
Rand Paul has been part of important congressional committees. While considered a “junior” senator, he has demonstrated more knowledge and constitutionalism than senators who have served for decades. It is because he refuses to concede to 'politics as usual' – whether it involve Democrats or Republicans.
Marco Rubio is another viable and popular candidate for 2016, who recently butted heads with Rand Paul over the issue concerning Cuba and Obama administration policies:
The point made by Paul is that the embargo against Cuba has not worked, so why is the United States continuing policy that fails? He seeks an alternative.
I would also suggest that people examine On the Issues web site concerning Marco Rubio.
Personally, I have narrowed down my primary candidate choices between Rubio and Paul; and include Allen West and Jan Brewer only if they decide to run.

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