Monday, January 12, 2015

A Stand Against Bullies is the Only Solution

Senator Lindsey Graham:
The President of the United States is undercutting the President of Egypt. We are in a religious war … This is not a cartoon problem.
President Obama described the massacre at Fort Hood as “workplace violence” rather than identify what the world has become involved in – a 'Holy War' – a war instigated by religion.
The 'deniers' are not those that do not believe the junk science behind 'global warming' whose description has been changed to 'climate change'; certainly an historical climate cyclic phenomenon that is certainly not 'global', but regional. It is the same mindset of conquest in the name of religion that reached the gateway to Europe from Arabic lands and Judeo-Christian holy lands.
Kurt Schlichter:
...Those who eschew the willful blindness of the cowardly and foolish see clearly that the Islamofascist freaks are running up the body count across the globe. The question is what, if anything, are we going to do about it? Vigils are nice. People get together, hold candles, talk about solidarity and hug, and thereby reinforce the view that Western civilization has lost the intestinal fortitude that kept the jihadi hordes from overrunning Europe during the Middle Ages and that has kept a lid on these fanatics ever since. No, it’s not a religious war on our part, but it’s a flat out lie to say it’s not a religious war on theirs. And it is a war to the death. Given my druthers, all-in-all, I’d prefer that the jihadis do the dying.
The way to win a war is to kill the enemy until he surrenders. That’s it. The Romans’ rules of engagement were simple: “Wipe them out.” Two thousand years later, Carthage still isn’t a threat, while a couple years after terrorists massacred four Americans, Benghazi still is. … Iraq went from lost to won to lost again. They simply announced that we had won in Afghanistan, which was a big surprise to the Taliban. And today, you can’t even draw a cartoon in a major Western metropolis without worrying about some degenerate blowing your head off – to be followed by a gang of primarily leftist cultural kapos asking, “What do you expect would happen for saying things that offend people?”
The solution is victory. The West needs to choose to defeat them, not just put off the day when these sociopaths hoist their scuzzy little banners over our capitals. That means fighting, and fighting to win – not just fighting to ensure that the collapse of the next country happens on the next politician’s watch. …
War is about killing, and we are not doing enough of it. … But the West won’t do it. … They see our weakness. That just makes them stronger. Hell, if we can’t man up and put our own boots back on the ground, there is a partial solution. As with most questions, our Constitution provides an answer. Maybe we should look to Article I, Section 8, and grant some letters of marque and reprisal. … Outraged? Offended? So now you’re smarter than James Madison? Regardless of how we do it, killing vast numbers of jihadis and destroying everything around them is imperative. …
All Muslims don’t believe in this jihadi idiocy. In fact, right now – as they have for years – decent, brave Muslims are fighting side by side with our troops against jihadi morons. … And good Muslims are fighting back. We waited for years for reasonable, rational Muslim voices to make themselves heard, and it has happened.
Egypt’s President al-Sisi – you know, the guy who screwed up President Obama’s plan to turn the most important country in the Middle East over to the Muslim Brotherhood – went in front of Islam’s most noted scholars and chewed them out. He called for a rethink and reexamination of Islam, pointing out that jihadi foolishness was turning the Muslim world into a pariah. That’s huge, but few know about it because of both the focus on the murders in Paris and the general cluelessness of our media.
So the pen remains a vital component of victory. But let’s not fool ourselves. We aren’t going to talk the jihadi punks who claim to love death out of their delusions. We need to treat them like Old Yeller – except when they get put out of our misery, no one’s going to cry.
History has shown that since the 1930s, our leadership waits until things get out of hand to do anything, and other times get involved when it does not concern or serve the interest of the involvement of the United States.
We can insist that our leadership start admitting that we are involved in a religious war that we did not start.
When Pearl Harbor was attacked we declared war upon Japan, which caused Nazi Germany to declare war upon the United States; which prompted our president, commonly referred to as 'FDR', to sign an executive order to round up Japanese Americans and shamefully place them in interment camps. The only difference between US and Nazi Germany is that we did not use them as forced labor or burn them in ovens.
When there was an attack in New York and Washington DC, our leadership made a feeble attempt at declaring war and sent troops and air support to stamp out the Taliban in Afghanistan who have sustained against and kicked out every invader in its history. The same people who think FDR is a demigod, are the same people saying we have no right to detain prisoners of war and put them on tribunal trial as war criminals, like what happened to Saddam Hussein.
We took prisoners of war, described as 'detainees', who, in the eyes of our screwed up leadership put in office by morons, were being treated as civic criminals instead of organized mass murderers whose leadership (and those they recruit) intend to create a global caliphate theocracy that rules by Sharia law – a medieval ideological form of government that does not belong in any decent civilization.
As Schlicter pointed out, there are those who refuse to follow self-destructing murderous Jihadi bastards who need to be looked upon just as we saw the Nazi – evil fascists who commit genocide. People that put slanderous, vicious lies in their school textbooks about Jews and teach their children that the only good Jew/Christian is a dead one; and then commit murder against those who tell the truth about their violent doctrine, demanding to be looked upon as a 'religion of peace'. Morons who call themselves political progressives and their cooperating media, try to convince others (and themselves) that we are not involved in religious war. They do not refer to all of this as a religious war, not because they are being politically correct, but because they are cowards to stand up and tell the truth and coordinate to wipe out the cancer of Islamic fascist Jihadists. The war is against jihadists and those who do not stand up against them, back them by remaining silent. Turkey, Kuwait and Oman are such nations; however, they are complying by remaining silent and trying to play both sides.
If one falsely accuses someone, with no facts, it is defamation. If one accuses someone with facts, it is truth. Too many morons who are like ostriches who bury their head in the sand when danger approaches, believe that evil doers bent upon conquering the sheeple will just fade away into history. If they truly studied history it would reveal that such evil hoards are only stopped by elimination via war until they are wiped out or commit to unconditional surrender; which then it does fade away.
War sucks, I am not delusional to think otherwise; but sometimes, like the school yard bully, violence is the only answer to stop evil and its intent.

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  1. Amen. Plain and simple. Kick butt. Take names and let God sort it out.
    As my husband said re: *moderate* Muslims. Either you are part of the answer or you are part of the problem.
    Have a blessed week, Keith.