Friday, January 9, 2015

Bill Maher: Finally Breaks From the Progressive Appeasers

The Daily Beast, an ultra-Progressive mouthpiece has angrily announced that Bill Maher has broken from the ranks of the appeasers, finally speaking the truth about the Islamic Jihadists.
Maher speaks out about the attack upon a French satirical magazine who depicts the Jihadists who get angry when told they are not a 'peaceful religion' by not protesting peacefully, but instead committing murder and mayhem.

This Bill Maher interview is a revelation that we should not be tolerant to an intolerant religious organization, and if they do not wish to reform themselves suffer the consequences.
Christians may protest when their religion is insulted, which happens more than people admit; but they do NOT commit murder and acts of terrorism to press their point. The Christians do not seek the destruction of Israel and demise of the Jewish people. Christianity has reformed itself since the medieval chaos, but Islam chooses to live in the 21st century with medieval mentality and social-political philosophy; convinced that the world should be a theocracy under caliphate-Sharia law.
Another segment with comments about the 'religion of peace' with John Cleese ...

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