Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Suffering and Persecution of Christians Continues

During the period after Jesus of Nazareth's death when early Christianity arose with the help of the Apostles, the first missionaries, there were no churches. Religious meetings were held in private homes because of Roman persecution. In Iran, there are only house churches because of persecution by Muslims. Recently a US pastor in Iran was sentenced to eight years in prison for threatening Iran's “national security” because he was leading Christian house churches.
In Syria, Jihadist rebels looted Christian churches and homes.
In Libya, Muslims threatened nuns and forced them to leave the country.
In Egypt, danger to Christians increase as hostility begins to heat up.
In the Republic of Turkey, where Christians and Jews have lived in peace for a long time, an 85-year-old Christian woman was stabbed to death and a cross carved onto her corpse.
In Niger, 45 churches were burned in response to the publication of a Prophet Mohammed cartoon in France. Five people died and 128 were injured. One of the buildings set afire was a Christian school and orphanage. In another city of Niger, Zinder, five people were killed and 45 wounded.
Are orphans to blame for a cartoon?
Are Christian churches in Niger to blame for a cartoon published in France?
Apparently murder and mayhem need no reasoning.
Why doesn't the world return to the superstitious and cruel world of the medieval age and burn witches?
According to the Daily Mail, Lucy Osborne, United Kingdom:
The terror leader with links to Paris extremists we can’t kick out: Illegal immigrant from Algeria jailed in Britain is still here because he ‘has right to family life'.
The person Osborne refers to is Badhdad Meziane who was jailed for 11 years in 2003 for running a terror network recruiting jihadists and fund-raising for al-Qaeda. It is Meziane who is protesting that it would breach his right to a family life if deported – but he was separated from his family during his prison time. Solution: deport Meziane and his family so they can be together. But that would be too simple and common sense.
The Home Office in Britain has justifiably declared Meziane to be a “danger to the community of the United Kingdom”.
Pacification, 'turning the other cheek', or ignoring realities of life has never stopped bullies – and never will.
As Allen West put it:
How is it that a “Human Rights Act” could be used by a convicted and imprisoned jihadist fundraiser? What about the human rights of the victims of the actions he sought to fund? 

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  1. There are no no-go-zones in France, Britain, nor anywhere else in Europe... Talking to Europeans before posting stuff like this might have made that clear...