Friday, January 23, 2015

Essay of Random Thinking: It's a Mad World, Indeed

Rebirth of My Lighthouse Journal Theme Quote
If I was to describe the American society and world events today to a total stranger from another planet, I immediately would say with the thought of a particular zany 1963 comedy film …

When Ronald Reagan stated the following quote, he described what government is and has become:
Government is not a solution to our problem, government IS the problem.
Michael BaroneThe bigger problem for Obama and the Democrats is that the perceived failures of the stimulus package and Obamacare have undermined the case for big government as much as the perceived success of the Reagan economic policies strengthened the case for cutting it back
Government created the financial crisis when GW Bush was president, and despite promises otherwise, Obama and friends are going to do it again.Generally speaking, Republicans are merely the lesser evil. The GOP continually fails because they do not follow up upon their political platform or promises to those who want the return of the constitutional republic, which the Founders created. What was the answer, both from Republicans and Democrats, to prevent financial disaster? The "too-big-to-die" ploy and billions of dollars in corporate welfare courtesy of national debt and taxpayers.
While the Republican wanna-be candidates for 2016 line up in the circus of political fanfare, Hillary Clinton is about to announce her official and life-long desire to become the “first” female president; a likely bet because Americans voted for Obama because he was is the “first” black African American president. Voters will forget the myriad of scandals that flittered about her during her political career like flies on s_ _ t. No, they will just have in mind having the first female president - Hillary will do. They will forget her worst actions and scandal - the Benghazi tragedy, when four Americans died because of inaction and all she could say is "What difference does it make?"
It is official. The White House has become the residence of class clowns, a laughing stock. 
I got a followup PR email from the White House announcing that three YouTube 'stars' would interview the President of the United States. It is a follow-up of his SOTU speech, White House PR/Propaganda machine decided to do a 'unique' follow-up interview, making believe the three chosen is a representation of American society. Seeing as how many not only put Obama in office, but kept them there in 2012, that assumption may be correct.
The lineup: Hank Green – a nerd who ended the session by asking for the president's autograph. The second, a woman with green lipstick, whose name is, you got it, Glozell Green, definitely a representation of the Obama fan club.
The third, a brain-dead fashion freak, age 19, Bethany Mota. What do they all have in common? They have a vast number of visit hits on YouTube channel. Obviously, the purveyors of the Obama PR unit at the White House and officiator of his propaganda department are appealing to the “morons” that the creator of Obamacare called Americans who fell for the Big Government promises. All three represent what is wrong with American society and a testament of the success of government-controlled public education and its indoctrination programs. Yes, folks, it's a “Happening” at the White House today.
Meanwhile, Hank Adler wrote about what damage will be done from the Obama tax proposal for 2015 and mentioned in the SOTU for those who cannot bear to watch it. If you thought the 'Death Tax' was cruel before, just take a gander at what Obama and friends want to do …
Let's assume George and Ethel, two teachers, purchased their Southern California home in 1966 for $45,000. Lets also assume that over the next fifty years, the value of the house increased to $1,345,000. Let's also assume that George and Ethel had four children and each of them went to a private four year college and that George and Ethel continued to re-finance their home to put their children through college and take a few cruises. Today, there is a $1,145,000 loan on the house. With pensions and other savings, the now retired teachers manage to pay their mortgage and live a quiet life. If George and Ethel were to die today, there would be no estate tax and their children would get $200,000 from their inheritance. Under Mr. Obama's tax plan there would be $168,000 of taxes due as the result of his capital gains tax plan. With the cost of accountants etc., the children would get something less than the $32,000 under the proposal. This couple would see the inheritance to their children essentially wiped out.
As one can see, the inheritance goes to the federal government of the United States – property and life-long investments that were taxed before the person died – taxed again upon death, at a shameful rate.
Obama is always saying that the top 1-2% do not pay their fair share in taxes; but it is always the middle class that gets hit hard. At this rate, the United States will become a banana republic where there isn't any 'middle class' – just the rich and the poor. And guess what? Obama and friends are among the number of the rich – you know, the ones that never pay their fair share. The main reason why it is hard to get politicians to work at replacing the income tax system is because of the nifty ways one can get out of paying taxes. Just ask any Democrat who has gotten caught and owe fine and penalty, like those chosen to be part of the White House crew when Obama was elected in 2008.
As Adler wrote:
Perhaps we should think of these American taxpayers as collateral damage.
Hardly starting their congressional majority, the Republicans let down pro-life supporters who had promised to pass the Pain-Capable UnbornChild Protection Act, passed by the House in 2013 and blocked by Obama's Senate. It would prevent most abortions after five months of pregnancy because scientists state that at that point of an infant's life, they can feel pain. It is doubtful that President Obama would sign it, but a chance to actually override a veto. We are talking about a person who before becoming president said marriage is between a "man and woman"; and after election said many things differently. The US Supreme Court has not used common sense much less constitutional law by declaring that such things are not within the jurisdiction of the federal government, but relegated to the individual state governments from whence marriage laws are prescribed. Hello? Anyone home?
As Erick Ericson wrote:
If Republicans do not support the pro-life cause and are willing to both reject protections for religious freedom while raising taxes, what do they stand for anymore? Perhaps a 2016 candidate will give Republicans restored purpose. For now, the party is adrift.
The official MLK weekend gross of the film American Sniper is official: $103.5 million, winning the race of premiere films. It received an “A+” from CinemaScore in review. But Hollywood as its own unit of snipers, led by Michael Moore.
The Daily Zing
Brent BozellMoore added to his smear campaign on his Facebook page, connecting it to the MLK holiday: "Lots of talk about snipers this weekend (the holiday weekend of a great man, killed by a sniper) ... Hopefully not on this weekend when we remember that man in Memphis, Tennessee, who was killed by a sniper's bullet." Actor Seth Rogen -- so recently lionized for being at the center of a free-speech fight with North Korea over his comedy "The Interview" -- showed he was no First Amendment hero. "American Sniper kind of reminds me of the (Nazi propaganda) movie that's showing in the third act of Inglorious Basterds." Quentin Tarantino's World War II movie featured a fake film about a German sniper killing Allied soldiers from a clock tower. … Faced with the hornet's nest they kicked, Moore and Rogen quickly backtracked, lamely claiming their comments were taken out of context, which they weren't. Live by the tweet, die by the tweet. Moore said he wasn't directly referring to the new movie, which is a bald-faced lie. Rogen protested that he actually liked the film and wrote a new tweet Monday saying he wasn't directly comparing "American Sniper" with a satire of Nazi films.

Chris Kyle haters are those who hate the Second Amendment, yet demand rights of the First Amendment. If the film was not a biography, but instead an action film, would the same people say the same hateful things? Hollywood has two major themes: sex and violence. It is because it sells. However, Hollywood is hypocritical when it comes to real life. It comes from living so long in a myriad of fantasy worlds and role-playing that it has lost touch with reality. One can tell when they decide to make political or social commentary; as if their fame has miraculously given them wisdom. After all, actors and actresses DO pretend to be what they are not on film.Those same people are quick to hate people like Kyle, but little or nothing said about Islamic Jihadists. Of course not. People like Kyle do commit acts of terrorism and genocide, making videos of people crucified or beheaded. 
President Obama may have not joined the 'Solidarity March' in France, but, as Mona Charen wrote
France has everything that Obama finds wanting in his own country. His entire presidency is a prolonged effort to tear the United States away from free market economics and decentralized political power (what the French deride as the "Anglo Saxon model") toward the kind of socialist, government-dominated society France has achieved. France is Obamaland. Government sucks up 56 percent of GDP. The state offers cradle-to-grave subsidies for child care, health, disability, unemployment, old age and more. The welfare state discourages work in myriad ways -- most French retire at age 60, and many at 55. The workweek is 35 hours. (Obamacare defines it as 30 hours.) France's labor code is 3,600 pages long (sound familiar?) and makes it practically impossible to fire anyone. Shockingly, businesses are wary about hiring. France's growth rate has averaged .3 percent annually since 2008. Everyone from taxi drivers to notary publics to dentists goes on strike at the drop of a chapeau.
Being a history buff and student of philosophy, I have come to the conclusion that Homo Sapiens cannot find a medium when it comes to civilization. Even the Smithsonian cannot find a true type specimen. They move from barbarism to puritanism to liberalism that turns to socialism and then back again. In the brief moments in history when great minds are born and attempt to elevate humanity, its freedom, it fails to keep it. The generation that the aforementioned three YouTube folks invited to 'interview' President Obama are an example of a generation come to be pegged as “ME” generation, self-gratifying and, plainly, selfish. They will raise their children in a manner that echoes their role as a model – bar-hopping sluts who see no danger to their children being raised in such an atmosphere and who think that children do not require two parents; some siblings having different fathers. Government, taken over by the liberal-socialist crowd who once defied the “establishment” are now that establishment. The former “Hippies” became “Yuppies” and professors at our universities, where our children are programmed to never think out of the box and adore control of the government (operated by those who think like them) and teach that discussion other than what is politically correct and mandated is out of the question. Wisdom that created our nation and who drafted and ratified the Constitution of the United States and its first set of amendments are only to be acknowledged as “old white men who wore wigs”.
Technology demands change and society changes with it. Electricity that Benjamin Franklin tampered with and Nikola Tesla experimented with creating ideas that was beyond his time have great impact upon society, generally for the good. However, while technology generally improves life, society heads for self-destruction when it ignores the tried-and-proven golden rules that has been passed through history. Religious morals, such as Christianity and Judaism, often coincides with social/civic morality - social ethnics and etiquette; and should never be outdated in most cases. It is the ingredient that makes a good civilized society and that of one that is not. 
Thomas Jefferson insisted that the Constitution be provided amendments to make those necessary changes. That was a good thing, a wise move. The imaginiative Progressive socialists look upon the Constitution and the term "living" that means to them flexible and such are the interpretations that become misinterpretations or reading into the articles and amendments words and descriptives that are not there.
That wisdom may be part of a religion, but it need not be; what is important that what works should remain and what is not broken not change; especially when it is just to make a change because of consensus or social fad. It is why the American dictionary has grown, not just because of added technological words; but insertion of slang that does not belong in any intellectual atmosphere.
Our society has allowed the government, those that operate it to not only sanctified infanticide, but make it a welfare program. It was, I speculate, inevitable when orphanages became extinct and the family unit broke down. Any professor worth their salt will tell you that the destruction of a society and its conforming government begins with the destruction of the family unit. That family unit rarely has the option of choosing that one parent, usually the wife, to stay at home to manage the household; but most importantly to be there for the children - especially young children. Daycare was inevitable because government has made living so costly that both parents must work in order to have a decent home and environment to raise their children - and that includes the astronomical rise in cost of education. The good side of that is that no longer do parents have broods, but limit their offspring to one or two children; which is a practical ideology considering cost versus income that government, once again those who operate it - have caused through their regulations, heavy taxation, and fervor to control the lives of citizens from cradle to grave. In the case of Death Tax, beyond the grave; punishing those that inherit. 
Humans do not learn from their own history, anti-semitism, for example. First They Came for the Jews, wrote Suzanne Fields. Americans also have joined Europe in their brand of anti-semitism by being aloof to the plight of Israel and blaming that state for the violence in that region of the world. They are chastized for responding to violence against Israel and its people; while Palestine, for example is victimized. One of the reasons for that is the media, which has become the mouthpiece for socialist ideology and government tyranny instead of the eyes and ears of the people against such entities.
Yes, its a mad world, indeed. Maybe it is good that my time is just about over and thankful that my parents, of the “Great Generation” of the Depression and World War II, are not seeing how values, the Golden Rules, and character is being driven into the dust bin of history replaced with self-destruction, where freedom becomes just a memory for those who can remember. Problem is, the children of responsible citizens will suffer with those that have created the mess.
A visitor associate who reads my blogs, has sent a great paragraph of satire via email that sums up one of the problems of American society:
Due to the cost, I have torn out my home security system and resigned from the Neighborhood Watch Program. I have installed a Syrian flag on my front porch, an Iranian flag my back deck, and the black flag of ISIS waves from my roof-top.The state police, city police, sheriff, FBI, CIA and Homeland Security are all watching my house 24/7. I've never felt safer.

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