Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hillary and Romney to Run in 2016?

Political disaster is in the news, if it be more than speculation …
Mitt Romney is putting together a campaign to run in the 2016 Republican primaries, but a CNN poll has shown that voters would support Hillary Clinton over Romney 55% to 42%.
If the Republican Party elite choose to back the GOP poster boy of 2008, it would be a disaster. If voters vote for Hillary Clinton in primaries or national presidential election of 2016, it will prove that voters do not care about corruption and leadership who takes responsibility (Benghazi tragedy).
Recently another discrepancy concerning money has emerged as the Clinton Foundation is being called out as to how it spends its money after Hillary Clinton announced she is donating her speaking fees to the family foundation. Clinton's payments from the University of Nevada paying speaking fees of $225,000 has raised eyebrows. It is estimated she has “given” more than $2 million to the foundation. Did she not recently, after her “retirement” as Secretary of State say she was having financial difficulties?
Those people in that CNN poll must have forgotten Hillary's long history of being involved in scandals, usually involving money schemes and campaign funding. Her Benghazi scandal involvement alone should keep her out of politics for the rest of her life.
No scandals for Romney, but he has proven in the past that he prefers to change his policies rather than stick to principles, for example a form of Obamacare enacted when governor of Massachusetts.
Even the ultra-left media, like Daily KOS, reported about Hillary failing to disclose $24 million of her husband's income in 2008.
In 1994, she was allowed to order 10 cattle futures contracts that was normally a $12,000 investment for only $1,000.
Before that it was the Whitewater real estate scandal, in which billing records when missing and later found to be in a White House safe – moved from Arkansas and records involving Vince Foster removed hours after his death. People were prosecuted, but not Hillary or Bill.
Not publicized was her involvement in an educational foundation scandal concerning $100,000.
Like Senator Reid, scandals seem to occur with Hillary's name surfacing. Wild accusations and conspiracy theories have helped Hillary from ever being put on trial and convicted for any of the real scandals. When she walked away under the pretense of 'retiring' because she was exhausted, it was another cop out from responsibility for her actions as Secretary of State. In the case of the Benghazi tragedy it was her inaction that is criminal that cost the lives of personnel within her administration. Her political power is frightening.
It is hard to believe, especially after the fiasco of two terms of BH Obama, that Americans still desire to keep people like these in public office and the responsibilities of leadership in the federal government.
But then again, despite Benghazi tragedy and Fast-N-Furious, voters reelected Obama. On the other side of political fence, it would be astonishing and disheartening if the GOP establishment decide to back a politically weak campaign loser like Romney.
Disconcerting is putting it mildly.

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