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State of the Union 2015: What About Islamic Jihad Global War?

There is one major topic that I doubt President Obama will mention, and if he does, will provide his usual rhetoric and denial: Islamic Fascist Jihad War. It is a war only declared by the perpetrators of a myriad of crimes against humanity and the agenda to create global caliphate Sharia theocracy.
Of course, Obama did not take part in the “solidarity” march of several national leaders in France, nor was a representative, like VP Joe Biden attend.
It has been revealed that France has an estimated 751 'No-Go Zones' – something that is becoming common in Europe as Islamic immigrants takes advantage of tolerance while keeping in tune with intolerant doctrine. Instead of assimilating in their new country, they instead develop zones that has become ruled by Sharia law, despite it not being the law in their adopted country. So, the question is: Why did they leave their home countries if they insist that the adopted country be a model from whence they came? It is simply called invasion.
It is the same form of invasion that has been detrimental to the United States via its southern border on several levels: national security, danger of epidemic and pandemic, increased US cartel infiltration, and US prisons being overwhelmed with illegal immigrants ('undocumented' workers) who have committed more crimes after ignoring US immigration laws.
Our president's answer: give them amnesty and insult legal immigrants by giving them benefits and a free ride to citizenship they never earned and too many who do not deserve it. Instead of adopting the nation they have immigrated to, they form groups and organizations who hold allegiance to the Mexican flag instead of the US flag. The other illegal immigrants come from Islamic terrorist nations and China. The amount of these invaders and their ulterior motives make invasion a reality.
Those keeping track of operations and doctrine of Islamic Jihadists continually warn that they are already operating in the United States – even the recent plan for US attacks thwarted by the FBI seems to not shake the 'deniers' and the politically correct crowd into reality. 
An Ohio man with a plot to bomb the District of Columbia and shoot government officials was thwarted and suspect, Christopher Lee Cornell, alias Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah was arrested. He had told an FBI informant of his plans to “wage jihad”. It was not covered much in the news, certainly not a news frenzy like the Ferguson, Missouri coverage. Of course not, it would be an admission that their politically correct attitudes and denial would prove not to be realistic – or truthful.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has a headquarters in Washington, DC, and the IRS has designated it as non-profit. It claims to be an advocate for Muslims' civil rights and the voice of American Muslims. It has continuously been in the news over controversial allegations as well as actual arrests over the course of its existence – but still operates and takes advantage of tax-free status. CAIR began in 1994 and now states it has 31 affiliates that include a branch in Canada. It has been shown that there are ties to Hamas and other groups, as well as foreign funded. Anyone who speaks out against such an organization operating in the US, they are immediately deemed Islamophobic. They depict Islamic Jihadists as victims.
The Department of Homeland Security refuses to deal with CAIR, just as it refuses to deal with the 35+ Islamic Jihadist training camps scattered across the United States – repeatedly reported by several different sources that include video footage for proof. Even the United Arab Emirates has listed CAIR as a terrorist group. But not our DHS or the executive commander-in-chief of the US.
Of particular note are the American Muslims who reject CAIR's claim to speak on their behalf. The late Seifeldin Ashmawy, publisher of the New Jersey-based Voice of Peace , called CAIR the champion of "extremists whose views do not represent Islam."[4] Jamal Hasan of the Council for Democracy and Tolerance explains that CAIR's goal is to spread "Islamic hegemony the world over by hook or by crook."[5] Kamal Nawash, head of Free Muslims Against Terrorism, finds that CAIR and similar groups condemn terrorism on the surface while endorsing an ideology that helps foster extremism, adding that "almost all of their members are theocratic Muslims who reject secularism and want to establish Islamic states." Tashbih Sayyed of the Council for Democracy and Tolerance calls CAIR "the most accomplished fifth column" in the United States. And Stephen Schwartz of the Center on Islamic Pluralism writes that "CAIR should be considered a foreign-based subversive organization, comparable in the Islamist field to the Soviet-controlled Communist Party, USA." CAIR, for its part, dismisses all criticism, blaming negative comments on "Muslim bashers" who "can never point to something CAIR has done in its 10-year history that is objectionable." Actually, there is much about the organization's history that is objectionable—and it is readily apparent to anyone who bothers to look.
This problem of the Washington establishment turning its back against national security did not begin with President Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetro.
When President George W. Bush visited the Islamic Center of Washington several days after September 11, 2001, to signal that he would not tolerate a backlash against Muslims, he invited CAIR's executive director, Nihad Awad, to join him at the podium. Two months later, when Secretary of State Colin Powell hosted a Ramadan dinner, he, too, called upon CAIR as representative of Islam in America. More broadly, when the State Department seeks out Muslims to welcome foreign dignitaries, journalists, and academics, it calls upon CAIR. The organization has represented American Muslims before Congress. The National Aeronautics and Space Agency hosted CAIR's "Sensitivity and Diversity Workshop" in an effort to harmonize space research with Muslim sensibilities.
CAIR enjoys extensive media coverage to boost and boast its image.
All of this despite the fact that five of its employees and board members have been arrested, convicted, deported, and/or linked to terrorism-related charges and activities. Yet, CAIR still operates and enjoys tax-free status, which it once lost and regained it again in 2012. People and organizations complained, but to no avail. In 2013, while the IRS gave back tax exempt status, it, at the same time denied Tea Party movement and affiliations. The Tea Party movement is based upon the agenda that the federal government return to constitutional law and repeal unfair taxation processes; while CAIR only uses the amendments as a tool to establish themselves like in Europe to undermine constitutional law, taking advantage of tolerance. CAIR, who demands tolerance have been a part of antisemitism and anti-Christian movements …
To fully appreciate what it means that more than half of U.S. mosques are promoting Saudi Islam, we refer to the Freedom House report, "Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Invade American Mosques." It explains that Saudi documents disseminated at U.S. mosques are telling America's Muslims that it is a religious obligation for them to hate Christians and Jews and warning that Muslims should not have Christians and Jews as friends, nor should they help them.
That means that ISIS/ISIL, a fascist jihad group and its doctrine is backed by CAIR. They are making fools of the morons that voters put in office. In 1998, not long after its founding, Omar Ahmad reportedly told a Crowd of California Muslims in July 1998:
Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran ... should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.
Is that part of their conceived tolerance?
Should the United States or any other nation with the desire of freedom and respect for it, tolerate such doctrine of intolerance from a religion that demands tolerance?
There are Muslims who denounce such doctrine, but there are either not enough of them or they succumb to the fear of being crucified or beheaded – as Christians, including children, have in recent history. The death toll in France is nothing compared to Christian deaths that occurred just last week numbering in the thousands that included children.
The Islamist terrorist threat must be eliminated in the United States, making our nation once again a role model instead of in contempt by other nations. In the US military there is a code among several codes: lead by example. It is time to stand up to Islamic Jihadists for what they are and stop insulting allies that are free nations and who are also a victim of tolerance for an intolerant religious doctrine. It is time to insist that those that operate OUR government do so under constitutional law. It is not the responsibility of government to rule over citizens from cradle to grave, removing the element of freedom of choice and separation of the private sector; but they are constitutionally responsible for national security, proper operation of our postal system, and maintain roads and bridges, et cetera. And that goes for state government officials, like Michael Bloomberg and company.
Liberals are so hyped about pushing homosexuality on the rest of the population, yet have nothing to say or speak no outrage as the Islamic State throws homosexuals off buildings in Iraq. Have you heard anything about this from CAIR?
The Egypt government has warned the United States that the Muslim Brotherhood has a US lobby disguised as civil organizations – but it falls upon deaf ears. The insanity has even affected Saudi Arabia in the holy city of Mecca where Saudi police beheaded a woman. They are teaching and encouraging youth to commit executions.
Even the Canadian Prime Minister has accused CAIR (in Canada) of ties to Hamas. It is not slander or libel, it is truth.
The Islamic State uses drugs as a part of brainwashing and helps finance their operations, and ISIS fighters use amphetamines to cope with the atrocities they are required to commit. Russia has claims that the Islamic State is supplying half of all Afghan heroin that is shipped to Europe.
The US and Britain have scheduled a meeting on January 22nd in London hosted by British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and US Secretary of State John Kerry. What good is it if denial continues about the Islamic State and other Islamic Jihadist organizations?
We are at war and we did not declare it – but refuse to deal with it as such.
The enemy of free nations is using subversion, political correctness, cyberwarfare, and evil actions in a war the western world refuses to recognize. It is a religious war, but only in the minds of those waging it. Christianity is not like it was during the Crusades, much more tolerant.
Bullies are often not changed through reasoning, they need to be stood up to. Our leadership has done nothing but concede to their agenda, in the name of tolerance, while they continue to act upon their intolerant doctrine in violent ways that belong to the medieval period of history. We need to defeat this threat or face the fact that free nations will eventually topple.
As Abraham Lincoln said, a divided nation cannot stand. And out nation has become subdivided. President Obama likened himself to Mr. Lincoln in 2008, claiming he admires the president who worked so hard to unite a divided country and who died trying; has a solution: Greater Islamic Integration.
America has Islamic encampments right now that number just over 100 locations. One of them not 40 miles from where I broadcast daily at the corner of Broadway and Wall Street. But America suffered a loss of nearly 3000 people on 9.11, add to that the Fort Hood Shooting, the Boston Marathon blast and we’ve also endured a disproportional amount of terrorism from Muslims.

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