Wednesday, January 7, 2015

VP Joe Biden at Traditional Oath Ceremony

It is the duty of the Vice President of the United States to swear in new senators. As we can see, Biden botches in this particular scene where he addresses Joni Ernst, Republican Senator of Iowa as 'Gail', which is her husband's name ...
Gail Ernst caused a stir during Joni's campaign when he made the comment about shooting one's ex-wife. He also wrote on Facebook that Hillary Clinton is a "lying hag". Despite the fervor of making Joni Ernst look bad, she won the election and is now part of the US Senate.
Joe Biden played the 'class clown' and at one point instructed, jokingly, to a male member: "spread your legs, your gonna' be frisked".

As the Republican majority Congress began the new session, the White House immediately threatened a veto against important legislation that will build the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
Domestic oil production has caused fuel prices to lower and which also decreases purchasing expensive foreign oil in a push to make the United States more self sufficient and open the market for American oil exporting. 
Also in the news ... California is issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

Unfortunately, John Boehner has won re-election as the Speaker of the House. He has gained unpopularity because of his constant bending toward the Obama administration.  The movement to remove Boehner has not faltered, however, because he is deemed to be a RINO - not heralding constitutionalism, giving up too much towards the political Progressive opponents.
Boehner got revenge after winning the vote by removing Rep. Webster and Rep. Nugent from the Rules Committee. He has mocked fellow Republicans as if he were a Democrat, especially when it comes to standing up to the Obama/Democrat immigration policy. Many Republicans feel he has betrayed their efforts towards responsible legislation.

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