Friday, January 2, 2015

2015: Another Year of Obama and Biden

Two years ago when American voters, some not citizens, voted for Obama we were told:

In 2008, VP Joe Biden stated:
On the first day of the New Year, 2015, Victor Davis Hanson wrote:
Gasoline prices are on the verge of crashing down to below $2 a gallon. The price of oil may dip below $50 a barrel. Even with renewed demand from a global economic resurgence, energy prices continue to fall. The U.S. has suddenly become the world’s largest combined producer of oil and natural gas. … Oilmen, not the government, returned hundreds of billions of dollars to American consumers. They, not Ivy League experts and Wall Street grandees, kick-started the economy where federal subsidies had failed to. They, not the policies of the Obama administration or the rhetoric of Secretary of State John Kerry, weakened our enemies. Almost everything Obama tried for six years in an effort to rev the economy – from near-zero interest rates and $1 trillion annual budget deficits to Obamacare and vast increases in entitlements – has failed. His foreign-policy stances of resets and leading from behind led to chaos and emboldened enemies. Yet the United States economy is slowly recovering with cheap energy. Consumers have more money. Industries are returning to U.S. soil.
No doubt, after Obama has come and gone, he will brag about how Americans are living better lives because of his eight years in office.
Barack Hussein Obama's presidential library, an American tradition that Progressives do not think 'old fashioned' or 'old school', should reside in a Chicago rehab center and abortion clinic – fitting for a community organizer; maybe in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood rule.
Despite the Republican victory of taking back the majority in Congress, Pessimism seems to prevail.
Derek Hunter: 2015: The Year in Preview ...
 With Republicans in full control of Congress, President Barack Obama will spend more time with his magic pen and phone. While vetoing legislation passed by duly elected representatives of the people, Obama will spend hours holding his phone to his head and “hearing” the 2/3rds of people who didn’t vote in November. He will then use his magic pen to order the Justice Department reopen the polls so those who were so inspired by, and in favor of, Barack Obama’s policies that they didn’t bother to vote can exercise the right they forsook because of disillusionment. He will also play a lot of golf.
While others, like John Ransom, are optimistic, more like sarcasm ...
 January 23rd, 2015: Washington: Republicans in the House and the Senate do THE slam dunk in the Democrats’ face by passing the Keystone XL Pipeline authorization. ... February 17th, 2015, Moscow: Vladimir Putin launches a winter war against Finland, but Russia troops suffer a stunning defeat. ... March 28th, 2015, Caracas: For the first time ever OPEC cartel members agree to pay people to use oil. ... June Teenth, 2015, Rome: The Vatican announces that president Obama now has the ability to forgive sins by executive order. ... July 24th 2015, Washington, DC: The 14th Clerk of the House of Representatives in a row dies in his official capacity when that jerk, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, convinces a majority of House members that perhaps every piece of legislation should be read in the House before being passed—like who the hell is he? ... December 31, 2015, Iowa…somewhere…hey…really it’s Iowa; it all looks the same, ok? But trust me. The corn stalks and fried Twinkies on a stick scream IOWA!: After vaulting to lead in the Iowa GOP presidential caucus Jeb Bush holds a hastily called press conference to remind people that he really is running for president.


  1. In times of a bad economy, the military never lacked for volunteers. I think if there *is* a shortage, it is because of the lack of government support, as you say. It's also because of the constant rotation to war zones because of all the cut-backs in military strength.

    Any why work when unemployment and welfare pay better than a job?
    It is scary and disappointing.
    I just keep praying that we make it through the next two years with some constitutional sanity.

  2. Congress better remember that they can over ride the President's veto, and they better do so constitutionally.
    Praying we make it to the next election,

  3. Agree, I returned to the US Army in 1980 because of the economy (and I missed military life). By doing so I was able to afford to attend college classes through the University of Maryland, using my time at NATO HQ Turkey (4.5 years) attending European Chapter Maryland University. I too hope for the return of the constitutional republic.