Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sarah Palin: Policy, Policy, Policy

Last night Governor Sarah Palin discussed Policy with Judge Jeanine.

Part One covers:

Union Leaders in Wisconsin trying to nullify last Novembers elections.

The Democrat Party State Senators running across the border to hold the Democratic process hostage.

The Government Shutdown false narrative: The federal government takes in 7 billion dollars a day. By choosing priorities wisely, our leaders could fund the essentials of government.

In stark contrast to Barack Obama; Governor Sarah Palin does not ignore the Israel Factor when speaking about the current situation in the Middle East. The Governor unapologetically stands with and defends our democratic ally Israel.

Twice now the President of Mexico has come to our country to chastise us. President Calderon blames America for his countries problems including their Drug Cartels, and refuses to do his job and provide job opportunities for his own people. And for the second time President Obama has gleefully joined hands with the corrupt country of Mexico and allowed the Mexican President to speak to Americans as he does.

Shockingly, this week the Obama administration again refused to call terrorists...well...terrorists. Sarah Palin rightfully points out that most Americans would agree that when someone shouts Allah Akbar then kills American soldiers, that person is a terrorist. But the Obama world view is so incredibly different than most Americans that he seems to be more concerned with not offending someone than protecting our citizens.

Part Two Covers:

Oil and gas prices. The Obama anti-Oil agenda must be stopped. Back in 2008 our U.S. crude was traded out at about $100 a barrel just like today. After six months of these types of prices the world economy imploded. Here we are again and Obama continues to lock up 97% of our offshore drilling and keep us at the mercy of foreign regimes who seek our demise.

Obama claims that his 10 day extended silence and dithering on Gaddafi was because of Americans in Libya that prevented him from taking a stand again. Showing true leadership and a stark contrast Sarah Palin courageoulsy states that Gaddafi should have been told: "If you touch a hair on one American citizen’s head, we’re gonna hit you…we’re gonna hit you hard, and you’re not gonna be left standing!”

50 year old bully Kathy Griffin has made a habit of disgracing children of Republican politicians. In the past she has: called Senator Scott Browns daughters prostitutes, called Bristol Palin fat, recently told CNN that her News Years resolution was to attack 16 year old Willow Palin. Sarah Palin's message to the has been comedienne?: "Kathy, pick on me. Come up to Alaska and pick on me, but leave my kids alone."

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