Thursday, March 31, 2011

O4P Los Angeles; Boots on the Ground

In Washington DC Barack Hussein Obama seems to be confused as to whether or not America has boots on the ground in Libya. Here in Los Angeles I am not all. Let me be clear: Organize4Palin (O4P) has boots on the ground in Los Angeles, CA. We don't quite know what to make of a president who assures Americans that we are not in a third war in a muslim country in one breathe; yet signs a secret order to help kill their leader in another. We tend to prefer presidents who say what they mean...mean what they say; and govern with a servant's heart. Not a rulers thumb. California is still Reagan Country after all. Last saturday night I sent out the first O4P CA Newsletter. I introduced myself and talked a little bit about the role O4P CA will play in the coming days, weeks, months, and next two years. One of the first tasks I gave our volunteers was to let me know what kind of special skills or talents they have that would help O4P.

Immediately I was contacted by volunteers eager to step up to the bat and donate their skills. We can't just hope our way to change. Real change, positive change, and effective change will require the help of those who understand who and what America is. All hands on deck. The Newsletter went out late saturday night (technically early sunday morning). By the time I woke up I had dozens of emails.

Emails from concerned citizens ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes to get America back on the right track. One email in particular was from a graphic artist. In less than 72 hours my request for a much needed logo was complete. Boots on the ground indeed. She/He would like to remain anonymous so I will not be crediting her/his artwork like I normally would. Check it out. Here is the new O4P CA Logo: This logo did not cost money. This logo did not require a political operative to hire a focus group to determine what color and font to use. This logo did not cost thousands of dollars. The color and font was determined by a concerned citizen working for love of country. Not money. When Sarah Palin won the Governorship of Alaska in 2006, she did not have the support of the Alaska GOP. The good old boys knew their money could not buy the young reformer. So they spent their money elsewhere. They spent their money to attack her, rather than to help her. A few professional looking campaign posters were made and donated by local small business mom and pop print shops and grass roots organizations. But the majority of the campaign signs were made by the hands of volunteer patriots out of plywood, cardboard, and poster paint duct taped to the kitchen yard stick. Home Depot. Anyone? If you want to get a politician in office who is responsible to nobody but the people, this is the only way to go. America is calling upon you. America is calling upon the informed and faithful citizenry to do the right thing. To get involved. Make posters. Make signs. Print out literature. Make You-Tube videos. Governor Sarah Palin is changing the rules of politics. Let's give her a hand. Let's Go Rogue for Sarah Palin. Let's get behind the one person who dares to hold Obama accountable and send Washington DC a message: Change with us or get the hell our of our way! C'mon guys. I think we can all agree: The best man for the job is Sarah Palin!...Obvi! Get involved with your local O4P group: TEXT 4PALIN to 74679 Sign up for O4P Updates HERE. To Donate to O4P CLICK HERE Thomas S Schmitz Organize4Palin Follow me on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz

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