Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rights vs. Privileges; Sarah Palin 2 the Rescue (AGAIN)

The left is quickly becoming infamous for inventing a right and then convincing a segment of the electorate that they are being denied a right which never existed in the first place.

As Americans we have: 1) The Bill of Rights & we have 2) Unalienable Rights (for the record, no matter what the self titled progressives say; unalienable rights DO NOT depend on sex, race, age, beliefs, popularity, the approval or disapproval of others, or a majority vote.)

Unalienable rights cannot be taken away. Because they come from our Creator (even though Barack Obama left the word Creator out while quoting from the Declaration of Independence at least twice now...Hmmm...).

If you happen to be an atheist, that's okay too. As Judge Andrew Napolitano points out "Jefferson wedded to the national soul the idea of the natural law, which basically says our rights come from our humanity."

The left (with the full support of the LSM) is working double time trying to convince the good people of Wisconsin that the evil Governor just took away workers rights.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Collective Bargaining is a privilege, not a right. Nobody has the right to take State money unlimitedly.

Shame on the left for playing classwarfare when there are bills to pay. And shame on the LSM for pushing the lie along and condoning thuggery.

The most cushioned and coddled employees were negotiating with the very same politicians that they donated money to (with taxpayer dollars) and that they got elected. This is problematic at best. Kick-backs at worst.

Government workers have the same rights as everyone else. Included in our rights is the authority to petition congress.

Get real. Nobody would use collective bargaining privileges to ask for less; they use collective bargaining privileges to ask for more. More free things. More free things paid for by the taxpayer.

Taking the reins once again (and proving that she is the best man for the job) Governor Sarah Palin was the only leading Republican to correctly call Collective Bargaining what it really is. A privilege:

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Politicians who continue to worry about their image, poll numbers, positives and negatives, and focus groups are becoming more and more disconnected with the majority of Americans.

The electorate is hungry for a candidate who will not be dictated to via the media.

America's borders must be secured. The leader who stands up, secures our borders, and enforces the laws already on the books will be called: RAAACIST! RAAACIST! RAAACIST!

America's entitlements must be reformed. The leader who stands up, and makes the hard choices to reform our entitlement culture will not only be called: RAAACIST! RAAACIST! RAAACIST! But they also have to endure being called COLDHEARTED!, MEAN SPIRITED!, and UNCARING!

America's abundant resources must be tapped immediately. The leader who stands up and has the courage to relentlessly DRILL NOW will be vilified in unison with cries of ANIMAL KILLER! GLOBAL WARMING DENIER! NATURE HATER! PLANET HATER! PARASITE OF MOTHER EARTH! and yes if they can find a way the Anti-Capitalist anthropogenic global warming obsessed chorus will probably invent a reason to scream: RAAACIST! RAAACIST! RAAACIST! too.

Seriously folks. Do you guys honestly believe that the GOP boys (Romney, Gingrich, Huckabee, Daniels, Huntsman, Trump, Barbour, Thune, Pawlenty) have the cojones to stand up to the media; no matter how loud they scream, cry, whine, shriek, holler, screech, and wail in unison over reforming Washington's untouchable, golden calves of protected interests?

COME ON! America is on the road to insolvency. We can't just hope for change. America needs real change.

It becomes more evident everyday that there is only one man for the job. And she is Sarah Palin.

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