Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wisconsin: Unionists Literally Threaten Conservative Politicians & Their Families With Death

The Left's New Tone? " will be killed and your families will also be killed..."
By LaborUnionReport
March 10, 2011

Because you believe in freedom and fiscal responsibility, you’ve been told that you are racist hate-monger. Because you rallied and held Gadsen Flags, you’ve been called astroturf. You were blamed for a shooting by an anarchist madman. As you’ve watched in horror as your country has been consumed by collectivist unions and crony capitalists, you’ve been accused of advocating slavery and hypocritically excoriated for rhetoric.

For all of their false accusations, there is nothing, nothing that compares to this [via Drudge]:
Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your familes will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks. Please explain to them that this is because if we get rid of you and your families then it will save the rights of 300,000 people and also be able to close the deficit that you have created. I hope you have a good time in hell. Read below for more information on possible scenarios in which you will die.

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