Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Land Is Our Land, And We're Taking It Back From The Feds

By Bob Unruh
World Net Daily
March 5, 2011

The BigThink website documents that the federal government controls more of Utah – on a percentage basis – than 47 other states, putting its brand on some 35,000 square miles of land there.
Now in what could be described as a Sagebrush Rebellion on steroids, a resolution advancing quickly in the state Legislature asks the feds to relinquish their control over that land.
"Be it resolved, that the Legislature of the state of Utah calls on the United States, through their agent, Congress, to relinquish to the state of Utah all right, title, and jurisdiction in those lands that were committed to the purposes of this state by terms of its Enabling act compact with them and that now reside within the state as public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management that were reserved by Congress after the date of Utah statehood," says the State Jurisdiction of Federally Managed Lands Joint Resolution.

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