Monday, March 14, 2011

Middle East: 'Is there any way for Christians and other religious minorities to survive in such a closed and hostile environment?'

By Jason Bradley
March 14, 2011

Outrage and confusion has been the reaction of many from the recent atrocities committed against Christians at the hands of Muslims in the Middle East. Christian minorities are butchered, burned, rounded up en masse and executed in places like Sudan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. Attacked, harassed, and discriminated against in places like Egypt, Iraq and Syria. In Iran, Christians are censured and targeted as “political risk” to Tehran. French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, to my knowledge, is the only Western leader to give a satisfactory response to these trends: “Christians in the Middle East are the victims of ‘religious cleansing‘ the president said. Christians are not part of the sacred “protected group” here in the West so it isn’t surprising to see the lack of outrage or more leaders echoing Mr. Sarkozy sentiments. The reaction here at home falls considerably flat in the face of let’s, say, when a couple of overworked, underpaid guards toss aside the Koran or a harmless picture of Mohammad is circulated.

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