Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Murdered Child's Prayer

By William A. Jacobson
March 16, 2011

Via Israel Matzav, a translation of the Hebrew prayer hung above the bed of 11-year old Yoav Fogel, murdered in his bed by an intruder who also killed several members of his family, including his baby sister, as they slept:   READ THE TRANSLATION . . .

[Ed.  I debated with myself about linking to images of this horrific crime scene in Israel which was perpetrated by two Hamas terrorists who entered an Israeli home while the family slept. In the end, I have reluctantly decided to provide that link in order to prove beyond a doubt that Hamas is even more evil than we imagined. The terrorists didn't blow themselves up this time. Instead, they butchered their victims one-by-one, and then went back to their Palestinian enclave where they were celebrated as heroes. According to jihadist logic, the Fogel family members were not innocent victims. So, when the Muslim Brotherhood or one of it's front organizations shows up at a public event in your town or on your campus, remember the Fogel family so that they did not die in vain.]


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