Friday, March 4, 2011

Tennessee Bills Criminalize Shariah Practices Which Give Material Support to Violent Jihad

If all who read this will also take the time to do an image search for the words "shariah" or "shariah law", you will come away from your search sickened by what you find. The picture below is one of the milder images.  THIS is precisely what the radical Islamists want for the world.

By Dave Reaboi
March 3, 2011

Imagine a bill criminalizing only those individuals who knowingly engage in what has already been defined federally as material support for terrorist activity.  Indeed, what if the bill were even more refined and targeted only the material support of jihad terrorist activity.  Meanwhile, the bill in no way regulates or affects the peaceful practice of any religion. Who would oppose such a common-sense measure? Recently, in Tennessee, we’ve seen a ‘Red-Green alliance’ between the radical left and Islamists wound into hysteria over this very suggestion—that has, very plainly, revealed them as defenders of the jihad provisions in Shariah.

This crucial piece of legislation to prevent jihadist acts of terror is being considered now in Tennessee. The “Material Support to Designated Entities Act of 2011,” also known as House Bill 1353 and Senate Bill 1028, is on the cutting-edge of anti-terrorism legislation, because it would be the first of its kind to empower local and state law enforcement to deal with the enemy’s stated threat doctrine—the law of jihad, as enunciated in Islamic jurisprudence, or Shariah.
That Muslim pressure groups like CAIR and MPAC are mischaracterizing this bill so aggressively tells us something profound about their intentions. Despite the bill’s very clear wording on protecting citizens’ First Amendment rights to peacefully practice their religion—including, of course, Islam—these Muslim groups are making two very clear statements: (1) they are drawing a line in support of the law of jihad in Shariah, and (2) are affirming that, as books like Shariah: The Threat to America have argued, Shariah is a unified theological, political, military and legal code.

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  1. I've long suspected that the so called true or peaceful Muslims weren't really so since they tend not to denounce the actions of the radical Muslims and Jihadist's.

    I think this proves that fact. It it just a way of being able to integrate themselves into our society prior to showing their true colors.

    The Christian churches who offer them a place to pray as a way of showing their Christianity or a secret intent to convert them - are asking for trouble....and while I understand the premise, I do not believe the Christians understand what they are doing or that these people are their enemies.

    I'm against teaching anything Muslim or Islamic related; however, if we don't inform about the fundamentals and beliefs of this religion/theology then we have no way to know who are enemies are.